Saturday, April 22, 2006

10 things I miss the most !!

Kusum tagged me and now I have to tell what are the "10 things I miss the most".
Here they are.

1. Hockey

I have played hockey for school, college, university for a foreign club. I just being there on the field and having fun. This is the thing for which I can sweat like pig.

2. Punjab

I miss the fields and the Punjabiyat. Punjabiyat is a a way of life. Like they say : "Koi Chakkar Nahi Yaara" I miss this feeling all the time. This is the photo of "Sarsoon ke Kheet " . I took this when travelling from Muktsar to Sangrur, February 2005.

3. Mommy Ke Hath Ki Roti

I have been living out of home for a long time now and miss the roti, sabzi, dal mom used to cook. Surp surp surp. Waah maza aa gaya sooch ke. :-)

4. Mera Chota Bhai

Arre he is very kameena. Used to do so much leg pulling. He was pretty small when I left home and now he has become Gabru Jawaan. See the photo.

When I used to come out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist, he used to sing "Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai, Pata Chala Hai, Chaddi Pehen Ke Phool Khila Hai, Phool Khila Hai"

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Kameena saala.

5. IIT

IIT was fun. With lots of gyan and lots of masti everyday. Just sleep and no one is going to even disturb you. Saturdays and Sundays were so lazy. Check the photo of my class.

And the competitions, the extramural lectures and obviously Saarang. Wow!!! Nostalgia are there. :-)

6. Inter IIT

Inter IIT is held every year in December where all the IIT come and participate in different sports. You make lots of friends and check out the girls from different IITs. IIT Delhi girls basket ball team rock. ;-)

IIT madras wins the gold in hockey in 38th Inter IIT at IIT Bombay

And the IIT Madras guys hockey team rocked when I was playing. Girls used to shout "Come on Virdeeeeeee!!! Virdeeeeee One goal for me. Virdeeeeee I love you. Virdeeeeee please marry me!!!" Well I pity those girls. ;-)

7. Ravi Tea Stall

This is a small tea stall outside the Krishna gate at IIT and we used to discuss the progress of the nation, how girls should dress, who is the biggest fool of the class, who is the best prof, who is the worst prof, whats wrong with the cricket team, why are we so good in swimming and gymnastics, how can we give the other countries chance to win medals in olymics, why is Indian football team the best in the world, etc etc. The discussions used to be for hours after dinner. Like 7.30 Pm to 12 Pm in the night. Now you know why I didnt get great grades in exams, no one allowed me to study. Poor me!!!

And sometimes this sardar used to be the epicenter of all human attention with leg pulling happening and people asking me to do some Mithun stunt or Govinda boob shake.

It was fun. :-)

8. Frost and Sullivan

Nothing great about the company, but I miss my friends there. In 22 months I made a great peer group and I really miss their company. :-(

9. Diptanshu, Dhiman and Sudip

When I first moved out of IIT, I used to live with these three guys. All of them moved to Bangalore.

When ever there was a party at our place; Kelkar, Ashwin, Dhagala, Krishna used to come, we used to force Diptanshu to drink daru and everytime he used to say, "Nahi baba yeh pee ke aadmi haiwaan ban jaata hai!!!" Hahahahaha... Mast abnda tha. :-) He works as an Analyst now in an MNC in Bangalore.

10. Target Magazine

Long back there was this kids monthly magazine. There used to be lots of great articles for kids and general cartoons. Everytime I used to wait very patiently for the monthly issue and used to love the Detective Moochwala series. It was mast magazine. I have read it for years. Last heard they were tring to reposition themselves as some youth magazine and failed miserably.

Now I have to tag few people. he ha ha he ha ha. Baach ke kaahan jaoge. I tag no one. Who ever wants to do the tag thing please go ahead and do. Or rather put some comments regarding what you miss lots. I can update the post. Thats better I guess. Jo aapki marzi. :-)


Kusum Rohra 10:27 AM, April 22, 2006  

Girls used to shout "Come on Virdeeeeeee!!! Virdeeeeee One goal for me. Virdeeeeee I love you. Virdeeeeee please marry me!!!" Well I pity those girls. ;-)

HAHAH if there ever really existed girls like that I pity them too :P

On a different note, you wrote this post in the weekend na?? Kitan peeta hai weekend pe virdi??

Janefield 1:55 PM, April 22, 2006  

Nice tag :-) I can totally relate to the nostalgia about good lukha times back during studying days. Carefree days are over :-(

Target magazine...yaayyyyy!! It was my fave too. I purchased the last issue before the mag shut down and still have it as a souvenir. Moochwala and his pooch rocked :-)

Sayesha 1:18 AM, April 23, 2006  

Target magazine!!!!! YEAY! They published two poems I had written and send me 50 rupees for each. I was SOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYYYY! :D

Anonymous,  3:58 PM, April 25, 2006  

Target Magazine....That is some ages back..Man i used to freak out on the adventures of Moochwala n Pooch.....

This is like the previous generation..

most of the youngstres wouldn't know something like this ever existed.....

Seriously i somehow despise the current generation which so crazily goes behind the archies n other comics while the actual entertainment for young minds has long gone....

Soundin like an old grumblin granma???

ha ha ha


Anonymous,  2:08 PM, May 09, 2006  

Yeah, target magazine was awesome. In fact, I remember for some elocution contest, they made us mug a poem from that magazine. Was in Std. V then, and I still remember the poem (wont quote it here :0) and its author. It was called Straight Talk by Vatsala Kaul (I think she was also the editor of the magazine).

Then they did away with Target and introduced Teens Today. It never quite took off and most people who subscribed to it did it out of nostalgia. Man those were some great memories. Thanks for bringing them back.


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