Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oinglun.... Noh too muh Englee(sh) Abou Eeee !!!

Chelsea enjoy their moment of glory. How many English Players do we see here?

Manchester United??? Don't see any from the little Island. Right? 

So as we see England is not just for the English... The "Immigrants" are shifting to London in a few weeks time (end of December)...
Dear Queen I am coming back... ;-)

So as Trueman Says "Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night "Fellow Indians" !!!! "  ;-) 

10 things to do in First week in London: 
  1. Visit Southall & pay my respects to Baba Nanak
  2. Visit Galassy Juntion in Southall 
  3. Sip a-cup-o-tea with with Queen
  4. Take wife to Tower Bridge 
  5. Watch Football a match in a noisy pub !!! 
  6. Take wife around central London : Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Westminsiter & Big Ben.
  7. Stay in central London "Picadilly circus" for the NEW YEAR'S EVE !!!
  8. Go to Camden Markets, Camden Town
  9. Meet Ashwin, Bhawani, Michael & Teji Kang 
  10. Did I mention "Sip a-cup-o-tea with with Queen"


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