Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dear Elizabeth here I come...

Bismilla-e-Rehman-e-Rahim. Rehmantulla-e-Allah-e-Rajahu. Pehle toh main Allah tala ka shukriada karna chahunga.
Finally got the VISA for United Kingdon yesterday evening. Two-three days of stupid tension got over at 5.30 PM yesterday.
One of the best examples of outsourcing was seen yesterday. Here in Madras you need not go to the British Consulate for VISA. All you need to do is submit all your papers to the VFS office and they will check if your papers are ok or not. If the papers are perfect they send it to the British Consulate and then you come back the next day to collect your passport. Three possibilities, either you get the VISA or you dont get the VISA or you are called to the consulate. In my case I got the VISA. Its like a movie thing going on; they call your name and the Passport is in a bag and you dont know whether you have got the VISA or not till you open the bag. Total Alfred Hitchcock types movie funde. In about 100 people who came in the afternoon to collect the papers and passports only around 10 were called for the interview to the British Consulate. Excellent example of outsourcing.
Nao I gu tu de Pub and haf a lut uf Bee(R silent) and kick de arse uf de Brit and teach him how tu du de Bangra. Aye aye lads here I cum.
Few of the friends said; when you first land in London, every person speaking english there would look like a guy who knows a little english, all because of his awesome accent. You would feel like "Yes this guy knows a little english but he must be a French or from Check republic or somone from Croatia and knows little english and is trying to speak english."
Would be leaving Hindustan ki dharti on 10th most probably.
Jai Raam Ji Ki...
PS: please dont laugh at the photo on the VISA thing. Its horrible.


ritzkini 5:56 AM, June 30, 2005  

who's elizabeth ?? the queen ?? i thot it was victoria !! who cares anyway ? get the Kohinoor back !!! and an ipod too if u can spare some cash !

virdi 6:21 AM, June 30, 2005  

its queen elizabeth II and not some Victoria.. i-pod?? who is she?? some babe?? will try to catch up with her also... ;-) ok only if i can spare some cash...

Sayesha 12:40 PM, June 30, 2005  

Have fun poobing! Dun drink too much bee(r silent) or you'll end up with a toomi! Unless you do the bangra early in the morning every day! :D

ritzkini 3:36 PM, July 02, 2005  

the photo on the vsa is soooooperb !! first i thot it said "mein kaun hoon ?? mein kahaan hoon ??"
now i realise it says "What are you looking at ??? i look weird ! SO ???"

Anonymous,  7:51 AM, July 04, 2005  

give me luv to me friends ove' theyer and hope to hear this accenn from yeh when tha gets back

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