Monday, June 20, 2005

Just Perfect

Clockwise, from right top : Formula 1 starting, Mexicans teach samba to the Brazilians, Bangaldeshis think they have won the worldcup and Japs trashing the Greeks.
It was indeed a weekend I had been waiting for. Football, Cricket, Formula 1 what else does a guy need?? With your aunt cooking great food for you and your cousin brother sitting next to you and shouting. You obviously enjoy the sport more.
Saturday : Bangladesh thrashed Australia in Natwest Cricket Challenge in England. They screwed the happiness out of the Ozzys and one Bangladeshi pigmie scored run-a-ball century. McGrath and Gilespie were hit all around the park and Ponting was cutting grass rather than hanging on to the ball.
Sunday: Australia loses their second match in Natwest Cricket Challenge. Pietersen hits the Ozzys for huge sixes and scores 91 of 65 balls. The last 61 of his runs came of just 25 balls.
In football, World Champions Brazil lose to Mexico 1-0 and Euro Champions Greece lose to Japan. What is happening to the field of sports??
Now the mother of all stories.
Formula1 Motor racing: Only 6 cars start the United States Grand Prix and Ferrai finishes first and second. The problem was with the Michelin tyres which were not safe for driving at 345 Kms/hr. According to some people "making tyres is like black magic" and Michelin engineers got it all wrong this time. They arrived there with 2 sets of tyres and were not performing well. Some slipping kind of thing in that loooooong stretch of the Indianapolis circuit. ralf Schumacher had a bad accident on Friday practise sesion. Michelin asked US GP guys to make a new chicane so that speed is reduced and slipage doesnt occur. Stupid request which can never happen. All fault was with the Michelin engineers who couldnt get the tyres right. After the formation lap, the cars running on Michelin tyres went into the pits and race started with 6 cars from the Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi constructors.
Our own Narain Kartikeyen came 4th and obviously the awards ceremony was really sad. Only Tiago Montiero (who came third) opened the champagne bottle. Rubens Barichello (came 2nd)and Michael Schumacher (came 1st) just walked away after the ceremony. This was really sad for the fans who had spent more than $ 100 for tickets.
I hope the controversy doesnt happen again and we can see some great races in future. All the best Narain.


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