Thursday, June 09, 2005

Chappell wants biomechanics, kinesiology, driver and vada-pao experts

BCCI has very correctly decided that after a good stinct of John Wright as the Indian Coach we need a forteign coach for the Indian Cricket team. In comes Greg Chappell, great player and has been a successful coach too. But now he wants biomechanics, kinesiology and what not experts.
Biomechanics is understandable he is really really needed in the team. The Bio-Guy would say during net practise "You idiot Harbhajan!!! You bowled that delivery at 15.87 degrees arm angle, you are allowed to bowl at 15 degrees only. Understand?" Harbhjajan "Fikar not yaar. Oye BioMechanico, Dalmiya sab hain na yaar. The rules will change soon yaar. Havent you heard about Murlitharan yaar?? Yeh kaun hai yaar??"
By the way whats this Kinesiology expert?? Looks like a killer disease is speading very fast in the Indian team and great specialist in Kinescothermia is needed. He comes in an says "Iski toh gayi. Aab dava ki nahi dua ki zaroorat hai, Indian team to bacha sakta hai toh sirf woh uupar wala" I dont know what radical changes he is going to bring in the team.
Next in line would be the need of a driver for the Indian team bus from Queensland, a vada pau (read dietitian) from Tasmania and dhobi for ironing clothes from New South Wales. Its needed yaar, they are so important in the team that without them the team would not be able to play cricket. Comeon India do it for the Dhobi and the Driver.
Its high time that we inculcate the idea of professionalism in every field, be it sports or politics or reaserachor everyday work life or be it even milk man. Why do we have to look forward to someone from the western world coming in and giving the same gyan again and again on professionalism?? We know we are good and its high time we prove that to everyone. We can do it.
All the best Chappel Saab. All the best India.


ritzkini 1:13 PM, June 09, 2005  

good post...
sport seems to bring out the passion in your words !

Inshallah Chappell saab...Inshallah India...


virdi 1:29 PM, June 09, 2005  

Kini sahi mein yaar, jhooth mooth ka MBA SHEM-BA kiya.. i really really want to play hockey for 4 hours everyday or some how keep link with the game everyday... sala galat country chose kar liya born hone ke liye... i should have been bron in Ozzyland.. opportunites for growth in sports is really high.. anyway will build a hockey stadium one day... need just 3 crore..
people please donate funds...

angelsera 1:04 AM, June 10, 2005  

the ozzies get leave from work to go watch the Aussie rulz fotball matches!

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