Thursday, November 13, 2008

India??? No less than Iraq!!!

Bombay hasn't improved as a city in the past 15 years when India has progressed (a little), instead the situation has become from bad to worse. People are shouting "Symonds is a Monkey!!! Symonds is a bastard !!!"
Is this how educated people act???
Is this because of the local trains, that the people of this city have become like this?? Life is cramped on these guys and when they get frustrated they just make someone the scrap goat and bring it out !!! I haven't seen any city showing such unruly behaviour other than Bombay. It's fit for people who live either in those high rise buildings in Colaba or people who live near the railway lines.
Bombay has
  1. Racism
  2. Regionalism
  3. Bad Political Leaders
  4. Bad Roads
  5. Worst Transport
  6. Highest Density of Population 
  7. Highest Land Prices
  8. Most number of bomb blasts in a city (other than Kabul & Baghdad)
Death of a city !!! RIP Bombay !!! 
Infact this is going to happen to all Indian cities. People who want to make money are making their bank balances fatter everyday, but the over all development of the society has gone to the gutters !!! 
Chennai Police very calmly watched from the sidelines students fighting against each other with bamboo sticks and iron rods. See the video and you will be shocked to see how relaxed the police officials are and allow the students to beat up the other student. What the hell is happening in India???  

The reason given by the Police is "We were waiting for the college principal to inform us to take action!!!" Why do you have the gun around your waist?? To put it up your?? 
The state of India has come to such a horrible stage that only GOD can save it. Government has become "a cheap belly dancer" to the tunes of the terrorists!!! They have bombed nearly all the big states in India. Indian Mujahadeen sends emails and then bombs Delhi. Hindu groups bomb mosques and if the CBI or ATG catches some Hindu Swami, then we have the BJP shouting slogans against the government!!! Utter Nonsense !!! 
Wikipedia has a full category of events that describe the terrorist activities in India in 2008. Check here and feel sorry about it. 
Sorry Indians, we are in a constant state of war against the terrorists and anti social elements. We have to work for food only if "we reach office safely"& I will reply to your comments if "I reach home safely tomorrow evening"


Fao San 9:13 AM, November 19, 2008  

just over a decade back, bombay was still cosmopoliton. the name changed. and then its social make-up.

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