Thursday, November 06, 2008

Maar Dalo Use !!!

Read this report on IBN LIVE. Rahul Raj  was needlessly killed by Bombay Poilce. 
  1. Picture this, my kids are on the same bus 
  2. Coming back from school 
  3. Rahul Raj gets into the bus with a gun
  4. Bombay Police guns down Rahul Raj
  5. What do you expect me to do? 
Family and friends of Rahul Raj must understand he didnt have right to live in this society if he walks around with a gun in hand. You carry and gun and try to shoot people and if the police kills you then you don't have any choice but to feel sorry about him. 
And all these Laloo Parsad and the idiot Biharis should just feel ashamed on this issue. And don't try to link this to MNS in anyway. Raj Thakre is a jack ass and this guy had to die. India is not a country where you just take a gun and try to act macho. You deserve to be shot. 
Rahul Raj you suck !!! Good that there were no kids on the bus and good that you got killed. 


santasizing...Fantasizing 4:20 AM, November 07, 2008  

hmmmm...but if only so many more Rahul Raj's roaming about free in this country could also be gunned down..wonder when that happens...
and I dont even understand why they are allowed walking loose..
A man like Raj Thakerey who is openly spreading violence in the state should be given the same treatment...if only the governmebt would ever wake up!

chirpy-paaro 9:16 AM, November 07, 2008  

finally someone said the truth...I totally agree with you...Thanks!!!

virdi 4:04 PM, November 07, 2008  

santa fanta
Funda yeh hai ki India mein no one follows the law... Everyone thinks they are above the law...
In countries where you have high density of Indian population, you will find dirty and filthy streets... We take our independence for granted...
We dont respect the rules... We break them and if police come to us with some fine, we shove Rs 10 in his mouth and tell him "tu jaanta nahi main kiska beta hoon!!!"
Rahul Raj thought he could get away with this????
Bastard !!!! This is India and I wont tell some Rahul or some Raj screw my motherland... I will protest and show my anger in which ever way possible...

Sach bolne mein kya darrr??? Problem yeh hai ki sach bolne se hum log sab darte hain!!! If we hate something in our boss, we live with it... We dont go ahead and ask him to change... We should all ask him to change politely, may be his wife will thank us one day!!!

Ravi 3:49 PM, November 10, 2008  

Virdi, here are my thoughts: Your statements are true - when there are no fringes attached like if Rahul was a notorious terrorist or killer. Accordingy to what his family and neighbours and friends say, he was a very very normal, helpful, lovable kid. So maybe if this kind of an act was probably due to mental instability which seemed to have triggered by the riots against North Indians. So, does such a person deserve to be killed? Come on... Something has disturbed and haunted a normal guy to such a extent to resort to this kind of an act. So what he needs is again some hand holding, counselling but definitely not a bullet!

virdi 4:14 PM, November 10, 2008  

Imagine this, you are traveling in that bus with your parents who are above 60 and your kids who are 5 & 10...
1. Do I know this guy? No
2. Have I done any harm to him? No
3. Have I got any ill feelings for him? No
4. Then why is he point a gun at me when I am sitting in the bus? YOU WILL GET SHIT SCARED AND WOULD WANT THIS GUY AWAY FROM YOUR FACE AT THAT VERY MOMENT !!!

And didn't one person get injured in the bus?? Rahul Raj actually did shoot at someone in the bus !!! Discussion Closed!!!

If you don't know how to live in the society then you don't deserve to live in the society !!!

Ismein sochne ka time kahan hai?? Aise logon ke sath prem se baat? karne ka toh sawal hi paida nahi hota !!

Rahul Raj & Raj Thakre should be shot!!! No one has the guts to say that, I say!!!

And about Rahul Raj... When was the last time a terrorist's mom said "He is a terrorist!!! Kill him!!!"

Everyone is fighting a battle in their mind, some have heads above their shoulders some think like mad idiots and die like Rahul Raj!!! Aapni maut ka khud jimmewar hai woh !!!

t,  3:43 AM, November 11, 2008  

So this is fully Rahul Raj's fault? I'm all for gun-free society, but also as much as I am for Raj-Thackerey free society! You cannot blame the guy who drove the plane into twin towers, or the man who blew himself up in a Karachi hospital, you blame Osama bin Laden ! Agreed, the men should have some brain themselves, but this is what is brain-washing! If someone thinks Rahul Raj is a gun-toting terrorist I'd say there's no bigger fool than him. Agreed his path was wrong, maybe he didn't take the right path to come up with putting the plight of north indians in M'rashtra the right way, but who will speak for the man who's lost his taxi (he probably earns 2-3K per day), lost his pani puri cart (300-400 Rs per month), wound up his veg selling and ran back to Bihar?? All Raj Thackerey gets for his actions is house arrent where he enjoys the day watching TV. Gross injustice! Any act of incitement towards any community, state, whatever should be dealt with in strictest manner.

Frustrate hoke hi Rahul Raj ne gun uthaaya hoga na, aisa nahi ki ek din Raj Thackerey ne flaming sppech di, aur next day Rahul Raj aaya. I'm still not saying that killing him was right, but some guy had the guts to at least show that he's hurt and would want to speak to Mumbai Police Commisioner.

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