Sunday, November 09, 2008

Khaadkooo !!!

Me and bro were just fooling around and I was teaching him how to tie the turban as they did  around 100 years back. They used to leave the end of the turban and yeah the fashion was like that back then, and I do love the ultra cool style. 

Check out the old picture of Shaeed-e-Aazam Bhagat Singh. 
So after tying the turban, bro said, "Why don't you try the Terrorist look?" I did as he said and as a big idiot I modeled for the pic as well.
Buuuuuurraaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!
I look like a jack ass and extremely unfriendly but you don't have those funny and friendly looking terrorists, right?? The rifle under the terrorist's blanket is actually a "SPATULA" from the kitchen. I haven't really forgotten how to tie a turban. :-) 
Its like cycling and swimming, you never forget that as well. 
Ooh Khaadkoo = Terrorist in punjabi !!! 


santasizing...Fantasizing 4:21 AM, November 10, 2008  

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...virdi...jhakkkkas pic hai....
waise u shudnt put pics like this on a public forum...:P
goot attempt on turban though...atleast u know this much...:D

virdi 1:13 PM, November 10, 2008  

hello... actually I am pretty good at tying the turban...
will make a video and teach how to tie one...

t,  3:44 AM, November 11, 2008  

/* I haven't really forgotten how to tie a turban. :-) */

I'm afraid I need proof. Everyday.

t,  3:16 PM, November 11, 2008  

When the cat is away, the mice will play!

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