Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coorg Trip...

A lot of my friends always advised us to visit Coorg. Have been trying to go there but bloody office, dhobiwala, milkwala, watchman & cooking never let us live in peace. But we finally made it last week.
Coorg is very different than other hill stations. It is a hill station and also not quite one. Like one of those places just before the start of himalayas. Around 5000 Ft in height, thats the max. The best thing in Coorg is the peace. You can walk for miles and might not find anyone there.

Trupti walking and there was no one on the street. We just kept clicking pics. :-) 

We counted the milestones too !!!

Just keep walking and you will find only Coffee, Pepper, Cardamom Plantations. Kilometers of nothing but peace. I sometimes forgot there is anyone living here. Suddenly you will find some rice fields at this height and would be amazed at the "never say die" spirit of the farmers of Coorg. The make small ponds around their fields and this helps them in irrigation when it doesnt rain.  
Also the food is very different from the whole of southern India, the are pretty much Non Vegeterians. The best food and delicacy is Pork !!! :-) Never had it , didnt get the guts to try. 

See no one on the streets!!! Is this India??? 

We lived with a farmer at his place, which is around 6-7 kms from Madikeri. Maikeri is the capital town of Coorg District. While walking back from Madikeri, we just sat at some place, played with the "Touch Me Not" plant. 

Trupti's comentary is laugh riot !!! 

Don't rememeber the last time (before visiting Coorg) I had free mind. I mean kuch bhi chinta nahi. Ekdum relaxing. Weather was also perfect, around 17 to 20 deg C.  You can then visit the place where the Cauvery River starts. It's around 40 kms from Madikeri. The water looks pure and you can just drink it from the flowing stream.  Then after few kilometers this stream becomes a waterfall. It was evening and we had a long tourst kind of day, so when you find the mist on your face,  it was very refreshing. 
We !!! 
You can do some elephant safari and also some water rafting. But for rafting you must visit Coorg during the months of June, July & August. 

Indian Rowing Team !!! 

For doing the elephant ride you need to cross the river. The fill you in a boat take you across and then there you have the opportunity to click pics with the Elephants and have a small ride for around 1 Kms.

Petting !!! 

If you want to check some more videos and pics, click here.  

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