Monday, November 21, 2005

Uncle Lift

When I go to office I go through a school area and I find kids putting up their thumb for lift. I find it great fun to give them a lift. Kids with huuuuuuuuge bags on their shoulders not even able to walk to school should be given a lift I suppose. I hate the Indian education system where there is lots of studying and lots of books. With very little focus on the overall development of the child.
I go to office late these days because of client calls and take the opportunity to drop my falt mate to his office. And today while coming back after dropping him, I found this kid who would be around 6 or 7 year old as thin as a stick with a bad as big as a TATA SUMO on his shoulders putting out his thumb for lift. I stopped and he jumped on my scooter. He started giving me directions, "uncle left, uncle right, go straight, uncle my friend stop stop, hey come jump in." I was like "what??" Another kid with a TATA SUMO on his shoulders?? That kid stood in the empty place in front of the scooter and started chatting to the kid behind about homework. I get irritated if someone does something like this, but this time it was funny. :-) Talking about home work and then Left-Right. He he he. It was fun. The school came and both the kids shot out their hand, "Tanku Uncle." A smart hand shake and off they went. :-)
Sometimes kids do teach you few things. Huge workload doesnt matter to them, all that matters is freinds and having fun in school. I wish I was in school again. It would be great if we could also have fun in office with huge workload.
And all you kids I am not uncle. Understand??? Brats!!!


priya 7:10 AM, November 21, 2005  

virdi uncle virdi uncle.. me first :D


virdi 7:13 AM, November 21, 2005  




Harshi,  7:33 AM, November 21, 2005  

That was touching. You gave them a ride, how nice :-) That would lift my spirits. Loved the picture too. Sigh....remembering my childhood now. Kids are so awesome. And poor things...yeah it is so terrible the way they have to carry that huge load. But yes, when I remember my childhood, the load is not what I remember at all. I just remember the other good stuff.

Very nice post Uncle Virdi. You know kids are smart. Sometimes they know better Virdi! hahaa.

Sayesha 7:37 AM, November 21, 2005  

Hey guys, Virdi ko uncle mat kaho na! :D

Hahahaha! :D

Virdi uncle I am a bit homesick and a bit broke, India tak lift de doge?

ritzkini 7:50 AM, November 21, 2005  

hmm..and i used to think u dropped me off at office bcos of dosti falaana falaana !

PS:people,i am real lucky ! surd prepares tea,lights a cigarette for me and drops me at office after that ! wah !talk abt a tension-less life !uncle,tusi great ho !

Sayesha 8:23 AM, November 21, 2005  

Tarzan, you smoke????

So you were the one who caused all those forest fires... :/

sheela_b 8:29 AM, November 21, 2005  

this blog does make u sound a very nice uncle...^_* =p

Vikram 8:32 AM, November 21, 2005  

That was too cool man. Infact, it reminded of the time I used to ask 'lifts'. I was 7 years old and was walking back with my friend and I saw a guy going on a cycle. I called out to him and introduced my friend to him as my brother!! Ha! And that guy was totally shocked. I casually sat behind on the 'carrier' and gave him directions. Thank God, I was a kid then and that guy took it as a joke.:D

ritzkini 9:33 AM, November 21, 2005  

/*So you were the one who caused all those forest fires... :/ */

There are no smokes without a fire..if no fire,no,fire..sorry...

Casablanca 9:40 AM, November 21, 2005  

If not uncle, what else do you expect them to call you??? Baldy?

Yes kids are so 'chilled'... and we complain about stress!

Anonymous,  9:43 AM, November 21, 2005  

I feel sorry for the really tiny ones carrying heavy bags and then having to walk through flooded streets. But guess what? They don't know I feel bad for them. They just grin at me and splash me with muddy water! :) That's childhood for you. Let's envy that...

virdi 10:08 AM, November 21, 2005  

Harshi>> Childhood is always fun... ;-)


Sayesha>> ok ok beta will give u lift... ;-) Dont call me uncle...

he smokes like a Steam Engine...

Kini>> you forgot, you are now sharing my rent and all other costs... ;-)

Sheela>> ok it soulds like a nice uncle... but I am not uncle... Thrbbbrtt!!!

Vikram>> yes man childhood was ultimate fun... :-)

Casa>> I am not bald yet... u Dumblina...

Anon>> yes I envy that too.. :-)

Canary 10:57 AM, November 21, 2005  

uncle, u reminded me of my school days.. :p

virdi 12:15 PM, November 21, 2005  

Aastha and everyone>> for the billionth time... read my lips: I AM NOT UNCLE!!!

Hamjoli>> Shukar hai, u understand me more than anyone else... I am still a boy who loves helping others, not uncle... :-)

Anil 5:46 AM, November 22, 2005  

>>"urd prepares tea,lights a cigarette for me and drops me at office after that"

Oh virdi, finally you have become a nice housewife...

*wipes tear*

ab mai chain se mar sakta hoon

ritzkini 6:02 AM, November 22, 2005  

/*ab mai chain se mar sakta hoon */

we should get together kick surd's ass !

virdi 8:09 AM, November 22, 2005  

Anil>> FUCK YOU!!!


Sayesha 5:19 AM, November 25, 2005  

HAHAHAHAHA! Yahan kya ho raha hai? :D

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