Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Crush

Ok I would like to spill the beans. I don’t know if I have have said this to HER but anyway I am saying it to everyone now. Lets name her Kajal.
There was this girl who was cool. and I liked her. Not just liked her was senti about her too. Whenever I used to get drunk used to call her.
Ok from starting.
Kajal was the friend of one of my greatest friend's (Rohit's) crush. So now you understand how I also got involved. She used to send me Good Morning , Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night SMSs. And then I was like - what is this?? and was slowly getting involved. I could understand that.
Now if she wants to go for a movie, "Virdi I want to go for a movie you want to join?" I was like "Yes!!! She loves me she wants me to say it". I used to go with her for shopping, for general time pass, she even cook and fed me once. I was like - "What the duck Virdi she likes you so much and may be she wants to hear from you and you are not even telling those THREE words."
Then one fine Saturday evening Me, Ashwin and Sudip were drinking and Ashwin -"Maacha I went to Aqua Restaurant in Park and its awesome. If you have to propose to any girl then take her there. That’s the best place in Madras if you are planning to propose to anyone. Its great!!! Great is an understatement. The pool is great and the lighting is awesome" and me surdar me got hyper and decided, " OK!! Now or never"
Come next weekend and Virdi calls Kajal- "Hey Kajal, what are you doing on Saturday? Can we go out for dinner? I want to give you a treat. But you and me only. (Virdi thinking- Why is she asking what is the occasion?) No nothing great. Just wanted to go to some quite place. You, me and no one else. Yes yes. Only you and me. (Virdi thinking- why does she want to call everyone) Ok so see you at Aqua at 8PM? (Virdi thinking – Wow. I think she knows what I am going to do on Saturday) Bye".
Come Saturday and Virdi is there at 7.55PM. He is nervous yet showing off that he is such a confident guy. Calls Kajal – Hey Kajal I have reached here, where are you? Kajal – what you have reach already? I am going to take bath. You said 8 PM. Virdi – yes and its 5 mins to 8 o clock. You take your time and come. No hurry. Here its is AC and no problem at all. (Virdi thinking- Bitch I am not going to propose to her. What does she think of herself?)
8.30-PM Virdi calls again- Hi Kajal (Angry but showing off that he is not bothered its cool. He is having fun) How much time? Kajal – There is auto Strike. Can we postpone the dinner? Virdi – No no take bus and come. Kajal – No don’t worry I will be there in few mins. I will ask for a taxi.
9 PM Kajal comes. Virdi’s head is on fire and ass is burning bright.
Virdi - Hi Kajal. Kajal – Hi Virdi. Hey this is very costly place. Why did you have to give a treat here? (Virdi - Why cant she say this is a beautiful place. Can’t she see the lighting? Can’t she see the pool? Can’t she see the flowers?) Virdi- Don’t worry its ok. (Bloody Bitch)
Both having dinner and Virdi is getting tensed. Bad Virdi in the head– Bitch screwed everything. Even my mood is off! I don’t love her anymore. Good Virdi in the head- Don’t worry about the hour of events and tell her what is in your heart.
And stupid Virdi listens to Good Virdi and says "Kajal you know I like you a lot and want to marry you" Kajal- "what?? No Virdi this is a joke. Ok I am sorry I am late but no stupid jokes". Virdi – "NO Kajal I am serious. Very very serious". Kajal – "But Virdi I don’t look at you that way. You understand na? And I have so many plans and dream and aspirations. I want to accomplish them and then think of anyone else". Virdi – "But I am not coming in way of your dreams and aspirations. May be I can help. We can accomplish it together as friends and as life partners" Kajal – No Virdi I am a very different girl. My aim or aspiration or dream is to travel around the world alone and then I might think of anyone else" Virdi- silence (thinking – WHAT?? THAT’S YOUR AIM??) OK Kajal. I understand.
Dinner over. Virdi reaches home, calls Kini.- Abe tu sahi bolta tha who toh pagal hai be.
From now onwards I have decided I will have this board in my neck when I talk to a girl - Girl beware I am normal guy.


viv,  12:03 PM, August 25, 2005  

Poor you...

Almost the same thing happened with my friend. They were like going out sort of. And he went and told her shaadi karni hai? She said she has goals in life, so cannot! Weird.

virdi 12:26 PM, August 25, 2005  

VIV>> ya she had plans i means going around the world is your aim in life? i am sorry i was blind when i met you.
now i laugh at myself when i think of those days. i never tried contacting her after a week of proposing to her. :-)
bach gaya main. she was pagal.

Anil 3:09 PM, August 25, 2005  

Great story... now I know for sure that you are a gadha... abey you should just have told her that you like her, instead of telling her that you want to marry her and have 10 kids... che che.. MBA mein there was no class on sales or what?

Now let's also hear about the other one from IIT Madras ;-)

ritzkini 3:20 PM, August 25, 2005  

hmm....ab samajh mein aaya?? in all situations "sunny paaji" approach usually doesnt work ! u have to be a mohan bhargav from swades too to get your gitli !
PS:what was that girl's name ?? DAMN ! i cant seem to remember !all of those looney girls' names started with S !!DAMN !

virdi 3:43 PM, August 25, 2005  

Anil>> there was nothing in IIT Madras.. forget her... ok shut up..
Kini>> uska naam tere ko mail kar diya hai.. dont u tell anyone.. remember u have to come to Madras..

Sahil 4:07 PM, August 25, 2005  

Virdi, the worst thing you can do is tell a girl that u 'like' her. If you think about it logically it makes no sense. By telling her you like her whaddaya expect in return, that she'll say 'oh since u like me, i'll like u back?', or perhaps 'yes i like u too'? It usually doesn't work that way.

Kaam hi aisa karo ki ladki apneaap ki jaanjaaye that u like her. It need not be said at all. Vaise bhi ladki log bahut bhow khaate hai. If they know that u like her, woh control mein ho jaate hai... and that's not a good thing.

Kher, we learn from our mistakes. Toh aage ke liye sabakh mil gaya. :)

ritzkini 4:11 PM, August 25, 2005  

ok...swati !!! swecha..swati..and that other mallu's name that i had to babysit during the movie while u couples had ur "quality" time together ? mereko toh day one se paagal lag rahe the all of them...anyhow alls well that ends well !
PS:tit for tat ! mujhe jo bhent kal mila tha group mail pe,uske liye ye meri taraf se !
PS 2: dirty joke regarding "tit for tat"
"here take gimme a ..."

virdi 5:03 PM, August 25, 2005  

sahil>> lagao lagao aur aur mirch lagao.. sale u dog tu mil mere se fir batata hoon.. meri kya halat thi that day you wont believe.. sale everyone is saying me, no one is laughing at her aim in life.. thats what the blog is on u fools.. uff!!! everything else is exaggeration..
and now i am happy with THE ONE!!! yes sahil she is THE ONE!! No doubt!!
kini>> teri maa ki aankh.. tu aa madras tere ko ulta latkake tere uupar mirchi powder fek doonga...
PP>> abe pooch mat i was shocked when she said her AIM IN LIFE!! i was on my knees - please dont say yes... please dont say yes.. i dont like you any more.. please dont say yes...

Sayesha 6:23 PM, August 25, 2005  

Hahahaha.. Virdi tu pagal hai! Seedhe shaadi ki baat karega toh ladki obviously freak out karegi na!! Kuchh seekh Sahil se, girls ki mentality usko bahut acche se maaloom hai! I'm impressed.

Amit 8:03 PM, August 25, 2005  

A few weeks down probably I'll write a post on similar lines... but dude, I feel for you :)

yaar aisi hi hoti hain ladkiyaan... can never make heads or tails out of what they want...

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) 3:10 AM, August 26, 2005  

Awwwwww, don't lose heart though!! Ms. Perfect may be just around the corner!!

virdi 9:21 AM, August 26, 2005  

sayesha>> yes that time i was pagal... may be immatured.. :-)
amit>> arre amit bhai not all girls but some are real B***HES
roopa>> i have found the one!!! blushing.. :-E

priya 10:23 AM, August 26, 2005  

Virdi ur still immature.. u wanna know how to propose ask a girl.. dont ask a guy .. coz all guys r dumb wen it comes to this :p
call us female experts for the advice.. :-)

Drops Of Jupiter 8:25 AM, August 29, 2005  

bechaara...dil ko sadak pe ghaseetke tractor chala diya..anyway she sounds like she's a little off her rocker.
Plenty of fish in the sea..

word of advice: next time don't use the word "marry" freaks out some girls.

Casablanca 9:49 AM, August 30, 2005  

I disagree.
Marriage doesnt freak out most girls.. but yes, most girls (consciously or not) like to act a lil pricey.
I guess its like shopping... we always want the best deal. In the meantime, we dont mind window shopping ;)

Kajal,  1:26 PM, August 30, 2005  


That night, after going back home, I had thought that you are a weirdo. Since then, quite some time has passed and I realize I liked you too. But you never called me up later and I am still waiting for that call. Maybe you would like to try once more :)

ashy 4:07 PM, August 30, 2005  

Kajal>> ab kya hua AIM IN LIFE ka....

Virdi>> sari ladkiya ek see hi hoti hai Yaaar :(
ye'm fir se wapas aa gayi...ab jawab do inki baat ka !

girls are like birds.....u want to chase them and get control over them...but once u realize that she has gone for u....u loose interest.

virdi 5:06 PM, August 30, 2005  

priya>> you are immatured... i am a big man.. thrbrtttttt... :P
DOJ>> dont worry i am going to marry her!!! not kajal boodhu.. someone else..
casablance>> no one can understand girls... and neither does god!!! he is still repenting.. ;-)
kajal>> sorry... i dont entertain comments (anonymous i mean) from someone i dont know... (you need to have an ID first) jo bhi hai tu banda hai bandi nahi hai.. i know that very well... ;-) naughty boy!!!
ashy>> saari ladkiyan ek jaisi nahi hoti hai yaar... yehi toh problem hai.. some are good!!! :-)

Casablanca 8:59 AM, August 31, 2005  

"no one can understand girls"
Not everything needs to be understood... remove the element of mystery from life, and it'll become boring ;)

ashy 4:13 PM, August 31, 2005  

V>> saari ladkiyan ek jaisi nahi hoti hai yaar... yehi toh problem hai.. some are good!!! :-)

Check out if she is different ...

tragicomix 4:07 AM, September 01, 2005  

virdi saab, zayaada tension nahin lene ka. best solution for this sort of situation is to come to singapore. Prostitution is legal here. don't worry, I will get you a good rate.

Siddhu 6:42 AM, September 02, 2005  

Well, Virdi - younger than you and all that. But I coulda told you - Women! Bah/Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

Anonymous,  11:46 AM, October 11, 2006  

cud sum1 plz tell me da meaning of teri maa ki aankh.....plz!!

Faraz Haider 5:22 AM, November 17, 2010  

wow. really. that was a great read. must salute virdi, never mind u dint get a girl but got alesson though.

i dont know how i got here but cudnt resist reading once i started.

Lovely to read.


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