Friday, August 12, 2005

Happy Independence Day

On 15th its Independence day of India and warm wishes to every Indian on the planet. And when India celebrates one of its happiest days in the history, one country is being oppressed by a tyrant called George Bush- IRAQ. The war on Iraq is unjust and through my blog I protest the war.
I would like to tell everyone how the coalition lead by USA really works. There are some 23 countries which are currently participating in the war. Please check the names of the countries and the troops involved in it. USA 130,000, United Kingdom 8,761, South Korea 3,600, Italy 3,085 (began phased withdrawal of troops in March 2005), Poland 1,700 (began to withdraw troops in October 2004), Ukraine 1,450 (announced to withdraw troops by October 2005), Georgia 889, Romania 860, Australia 850, Japan 550 (limited to non-combat zones only), Denmark 496, Bulgaria 450(began phased withdrawal of troops in March 2005), El Salvador 380, Mongolia 180, Azerbaijan 151, Latvia 122, Lithuania 118, Slovakia 105, Czech Republic 80, Albania 71, Estonia 55, Macedonia 33, Kazakhstan 25.
Countries with no military involvement. Several countries chose not to send military or combat troops to support the invasion, but instead pledged their solidarity with the Coalition .Angola, Colombia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iceland, Kuwait, Micronesia, Rwanda, Solomon Islands, Uganda and Uzbekistan.
And the countries who have left are Nicaragua (withdrew 115 troops in February 2004), Dominican Republic (withdrew 302 troops in May 2004), Honduras (withdrew 370 troops in June 2004), Spain (withdrew 1400 troops in June 2004), Philippines (withdrew 51 troops in July 2004), Thailand withdrew 443 troops in August 2004), Hungary (withdrew 300 troops in December 2004), Tonga (withdrew 40 troops in December 2004), Moldova (withdrew 12 troops in February 2005), Portugal (withdrew 128 policemen in February 2005 ), Netherlands 800 (withdrew 1350 troops in March 2005), Singapore (withdrew its single amphibious transport dock deployed in the Persian Gulf in March 2005 ).
Most of the countries either are newly liberated east European countries or are those who depend on US food supplies and aids. I ask why is did US attack Iraq?? Because Sadam Hussain was a dictator?? Or was he a bad man?? I am very sad for what is happening in Iraq. Most of the big and powerful nations don't support the war and how can we celebrate the Independence day if there is still Imperialism existing in the world?
This is just some data to make everyone understand that the war is unjust and US should leave Iraq as soon as they can. Please Mr. Bush you have given us enough problems now please let everyone live in peace. Even the United Nations Secretary General Kohfi Annan says so.
I would be posting soon on why Bush didn't attack Saudi Arabia although 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis (I say Bush and not US because Bush has some companies whose key stock holders are Saudis) , why US has suddenly stop saying anything to China about human rights, why is Pakistan the biggest ally of US in Asia, why US gave $41 million to Taliban in 2001 to fight the mujahedeen, etc etc. I have data to support it.
Happy Independence day to every Indian and may we see a better world tomorrow with out Bush.


priya 6:55 PM, August 12, 2005  

AMEN to tht virdi..

B 7:58 PM, August 12, 2005  

yeah..except for the oil US was unable to justify its war on Iraq so far.. in this unipolar world these kind of wars will keep repeating unless some country bells the cat named 'US'.

ritzkini 12:40 PM, August 13, 2005  

No comments...we dont have enuf facts to be making sure u disagree...

Leon 7:10 AM, August 14, 2005  

Hi Virdi,

I'm glad you decided to go ahead and blog about it. I read all you written posted with great interest..

Here's what I have to say..

The Iraq war is unfair, unjust and should rightfully be condemned.

America is wrong to think they can take matters in their own hands.

Bush is a $3*%@# president and a @^$%@()#$* human being.


All americans are not bad..

specifically people choosing to study or work in America are not being disloyal. It is but natural to seek the best compensation, resources and luxury for oneself.

On rereading I felt I might have I might have misunderstood Priya and should apologise..

If all she was criticising is the fact that "American bridegrooms are treated with more respect than Indian ones..".. then she's absolutely right.

There are more characteristics to a good bridegroom than being in America certainly.. goodness of heart, humor, loyalty, friendliness are all more important than which country the guy is from and attaching importance to the fact that he's from america is foolish...

However, If she was saying that it is wrong to study or work in the US, then I beg to differ.. Everyone has the freedom to make their own choices. that's it. :-).

Leon 7:15 AM, August 14, 2005  

Btw, it just struck me that I should have said that last part on Priya's blog so I just did..

virdi 12:29 PM, August 14, 2005  

priya>> amen..
baba>> yes bala.. bush is cheating everyone..
kini>> facts coming your way..
leon>> yes leon, i am not against America but against the policies of the existing American governtment... it has not acted as a matured big brother and brought peace to the world but has added misery to everyone...

Anonymous,  1:20 PM, August 14, 2005  

Happy Independence Day. Three cheers for India. Hip Hip Hurray.

A Proud Indian
I am Indian -

Concerned Reader,  5:45 AM, August 18, 2005  


I agree that American war on Iraq and Afganistan (Im talking only about the recent wars) are uncalled for. I dont think majority of the people would deny that fact. But if you look at the history, America is following the footsteps of the British and when you keep on expanding your territory, after a point of time it becomes difficult to manage and then your so called imperialism collapses. But then thats how the world has been. After America, will come someother superpower which would misutilise its power. The whole point is, after reading you blog, I feel that you are trying to live in an Utopian world.

The celebrations of Indian Independence will not be stopped because there is some problem in other parts of the world. Take a simple example, you wont stop eating your food just because your neighbours are hungry. Well, you can say that you can share your food with them. But if there are many people who are hungry, I doubt you would be able to share.

In essence, there are issues which are difficult to solve at micro level, so thinking of tackling the macro problem would definitely need some corrections at the grassroots. One needs to be realistic. Sure, I can understand how you feel about things around the world but trust me there are certain things that are meant to be that way. No, Im not justifying any war or imperialism or human suffering. They are all part of life.

If you need to make a difference, then start changing the menatility of the people. Oh boy!!! its a gigantic task.. Thinking cant be changed in days or weeks or months.. kabhi kabhi sadiya beet jaati hain....(some times it takes ages)

I guess I should stop here, otherwise my comments would be longer than your blog.

I would like to read your future blogs.

Im a student in one of the US universities. When I tell my friends I wont be living in US after I graduate, they laugh at me saying "Everyone says that". My only answer is "Im not Everyone."

virdi 12:02 PM, August 18, 2005  

concerned>> u say after america there will be some other country.. i ask why?? is it really necessary??
concerned say>> The celebrations of Indian Independence will not be stopped because there is some problem in other parts of the world.
i say>> who wants to stop the celebrations? but cant we have a united world? where everyone is happy?
concerned says>> No, Im not justifying any war or imperialism or human suffering. They are all part of life.
i say>> WHAT?? war is part of life?? war is for money my friend. just for money not part of life. may be u wanted to say somthing and u expressed it worng. do you know because of 2nd world war some 10 millions people died and some 3 million jews were killed by a bastard. do you call this part of life??
and hey concerned for not being just Everone.. we will wait when u come back.. and if u land in Madras airport, i will come to recieve u back home..
i wish there is utopian society..

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