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Punjab and Terrorism

I am not a great believer of religion. I believe religion can never bring people together. It can only bring in differences. Some say this religion is better than that religion and all that. I believe if there were no religions on earth the problem of terrorism would become nil. Other than Irish Republican Army I don't know a single terrorist group which is not based on religious fundamentals.

Sikhism is based on the belief of one god and equality of all people. Difference on the basis of casts doesn't exists in Sikhism. In the years 1975 to 1990 Punjab saw the worst years in the history of the state. Mostly because of the wrong policies of the Congress government and because of the stupid demands of the Sikh fundamentalists. Terrorism and hatred engulfed the state. During that time a prime minister was killed and 20000 (or may be even more) innocent Sikhs were butchered on the streets of New Delhi and northern India. (till date no arrests have been made)

Two people are responsible for this. First is Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderenwale and second is the then prime minister, Indira Gandhi. And both were killed, one by the army and the other by her own body guards.

I read something about Jarnail Singh in My Bleeding Punjab by Khushwant Singh where he says, "Jarnail Singh was nothing but a political motivated speaker and a puppet in the hands of Congress against the Akali Dal. He was motivated specially by Sanjay Gandhi. But he became so powerful that the Akalis Dal leaders asked him to stand against the Indian Government and ask for a separate country, Khalistan." No prime minister can ever see that. And today if Punjab wanted another country and the Indian Government granted that, tomorrow there could be other states demanding the same. So we see, what was just a politically motivated step by the Congress party, became a tron in the ass for the Indian Government.

Here are few videos which tell what really went wrong in Punjab during that time. Most of the things wre not known to me too. Were kind of eye openers.

In the following video the US govt talks for human rights violation in Punjab. Yes everyone knows that K.P.S. Gill was the sole person who curbed the terrorist movement in Punjab but there were innocent people being killed everyday in Punjab and no one dared to question the police. Manytimes I have heard even my friends cracking a joke, "Hey Surdar, I can find thousands of Surdar taxi drivers on the streets of New York!!" The main reason was that the youth were being pulled out of the houses and being killed. Now what can the parents do other than sending their kids away from homeland. Its a sad but very true story of one of the richest states of India.

There are people today who still believe in a separate state for Punjab and all that. They call Jarnail Singh and his deciples Martyrs and Soldiers of Freedom Movement. I believe that to be utter crap. Check the video here.

This video here shows the complete history of why and how the Golden Temple was stormed. And the atrocities of the Indian army on innocent civilians.

In the start of the video a young sikh Gataka Dancer says "Oh Indira Raaniye tu dhaaya HariMandar, tenu kistarah da khooni khaab aaya." Which means "Oh Queen Indira!! Why did you destroy the Hari Mandir (thats golden temple in Punjabi). How did you get this bloody dream?"

Gataka is Traditional Sikh Warrior Dance, like Haka Dance of the Maori Tribe of New Zealand

I have lived in Punjab for a long time and believe me its one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Lots of love today flows in the rivers of Satluj and Raavi. I pray those days of hatred and anger never come back.



trups 9:51 AM, March 29, 2006  

me fursht again! :D

yaar sach bola, religion can never bring ekta in people...
and those who say such things are bloody politicians... all they do is this or come up with yatras or give free spirit to people during elections

kya hoga is desh ka?

Kusum Rohra 9:56 AM, March 29, 2006  

I was not aware of most of this stuff. Seperate Punjab *slaps her forehead* now why would people want that?

ritzkini 3:36 PM, March 29, 2006  

oi ! tainu kee ho gaya ?
Suddenly aisi post !?!
Waise..khalistan = where people with empty brains stay,rite ?

American Pi 7:16 PM, March 29, 2006  

Dude, I think even the Irish conflict is rooted in Protestant vs Catolic issues in Ireland.

I think 1984 was a very shameful year in India's history. It is awful that the law has not taken its course and delivered justice even after 22 years!

Pritam Singh Khalsa 3:30 AM, March 30, 2006  

Kuldip is a villian He did everything wrong HE IS NOT A SIKH IN ANYWAY.He still wont even wear a beard.{I wonder why} If someone paid him to kill Guru Gobind Singh he would have and would also think he did nothing wrong.You cant go against Sikhi and say your Sikh no matter what!

The indian gov. was and still is apart of a conspiracy; just look at there supoosed facts they spit out thier mouth. Even an apology isnt nothing.

Only the Gurus are Sant, everyone else are shaheedis.


virdi 6:59 AM, March 30, 2006  

Trupsster>> World would be a better place if there was no religion... Generally people have so much tension and religion always increases it, I say...

Kusum>> Yes... Me too... I didnt know so many things about Punjab and Sikhism and all this shitty propaganda...

Chints>> Ahmen...

Kini>> Bus yaar... I bumped into a video here and there and wrote this post...

American Pi>>

It is awful that the law has not taken its course and delivered justice even after 22 years!

Yes man... Just think about the kids whose parents were killed during the riots... Dont they deserve some justice...


The Indian government was and still is apart of a conspiracy; just look at the supposed facts they spit out thier mouth. Even an apology isnt nothing.

Yes... Very true... But I think those were bad days in the history of Punjab and its a great place now... Lets celebrate and pray those days never come back...


fauj,  11:44 PM, March 30, 2006  

Sant Jarnail Singh Jee never asked for Khalistan from the government! This is a misconception. He is known for saying on a BBC interview: "We are not in favour of Khalistan nor are we against it. We won't reject it. We shall not repeat the mistake of 1947." He also said, "if the Indian Government invaded the Darbar Sahib complex, the foundation for an independent Sikh state will have been laid." He has said this on public telivision, and in his books.

Apy 7:13 AM, March 31, 2006  

I agree with you buddy..Our Gurus also taught the same thing...God is one.. but with time a lot has changed and preaching has been interpreted as required .. whom to blame .. politicians give their crap and we the poeple follow....
I pray with you man .. hope this neva happens again

I was reading the stuff written by sayesha, ROS and Viks.. Jus wantedt to say that was sm cool stuff taht u guys did..u have great frnz.. i kno its irrelevant to this post but had to say n this was the last post of urs... so scribbled here..
Enjoy !!

Ravi 7:49 AM, March 31, 2006  

Virdi, nice post but I beg to differ on one point that "religion can only bring in differences". I feel its only hatred which brings in the differences and extremism. I love my religion. This is good as long as I don't discriminate, undermine, hate other religions. There is hatred/discrimination arising out of other differences as well - language, money, education, social status et al. so the basic trouble maker is hatred.

naVee 1:27 PM, March 31, 2006  

In theory it seems that religion should help in maintaining peace and harmony in society. But if we go back and check the history of mankind, same religion is repsonsible for the worst of the atrocities. Yeah but i have never been able to understand the actions of man ..

But punjab problem was more a political problem rather than a religious problem, and it got solved when the political will was there ..

on a lighter note , Khalistan means 'Empty Space' ,,

Vikram 3:59 PM, March 31, 2006  

I read about the problems and the so called "solutions" during the time Indira Gandhi was the PM on Wiki. It was really inhumane to have killed so many Sikhs in New Delhi. People just need an excuse to lash out at others.

Siddhu 2:10 AM, April 04, 2006  

Arre, even the IRA is based on religion. They're catholics. :P

Everything in this world is caused by religion.:(

Anonymous,  3:59 AM, April 09, 2006  

Without Religion people have no limits, no morality, religion is needed for solid fundations for a healthy society look at the west were I live it society is breaking down due to people having no limits and moving away from religion.

years of feminist extremism + athiest thought + promotion of deviatant sexual behaviour = brake down of society + more crime + no respect for fellow human beings + selfishness.

I could go on and on.

As for for comments regarding Sant Bhindranwale well yes he was an extremist an extremist fighting fire with fire but condemed the killing of innocents unlike the Indian govt and its armed forces who were killing innocent baptised Sikhs for taking part in peaceful aggitions against discrimation and only then when Sant Bhindranwale witnessed at first hand how Sikhs were butchered down by the Indian state with no respect or regards for their sacrifices for India's independance did he become a seperatist, no a Khalistani seperatist but a Sikh seperatist looking out for the rights of fellow Sikhs.

In the end operation blue star has alientated many Sikhs worldwide like me from India in its present borders. Like all major powers in the world it also will break up like the balkans as will pakistan God willing and maha Punjab will become a nation again.

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