Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tequila Evening

Yesterday Kini started shouting: "Whatever happens I am not sitting home. I am going out to booze. Its Friday night and I want to go out to booze". I thought have I changed or I have been left behind or has Kini changed?? Earlier I used to ask him lets go out to booze, today its him. So we decided, "Lets go to The Leather Bar at Park"
Reached at 9.15. No place to sit and so we thought lets drink on the bar and ordered for Tequila. There was this firang, totally sloshed, cant walk-cant talk-cant see. After 4 or 5 minutes he shouts "Tequila on the house for everyone." We were like, "EVERYONE??" The waiter comes "Four shots from this gentleman". We say "Thanks".
Kini the smart ass asks him "Why are you treating us?" Firang replies"Because I can!!!" I was thinking "Maacha we look gay types and he is gay thats why he is treating us. Next he is going to catch your bum for sure." Kini was standing very next to him. ;-)
6 shots of Tequila and then we were ready to leave. Jumping with joy rather than getting drunk. Someone treating us with free tequila and we wont jump with joy?? Are you mad?? Thanked the firang and started laughing at the firang as soon as we came out of the bar.
We went to Cafe Coffee Day to kill the liquor with some caffaine. Then went to IIT straight to meet Tullu. He was like "You dog, why didnt you call me?? I could have come there in 3 mins. Even cycled to Park if needed" Tullu dear, we wanted to have it alone and make everyone in Madras jealous. ;-)

Empty Glass

Next Shot ready

Final two shots for free

Bringing down the tequila with some coffee and some bhangra music in Cafe Coffee Day, Ispahani Center

Oh by the way, Tequila is an alcoholic liquor distilled from the fermented juice of the Central American century plant Agave tequilana and all that blah blah blah. Every shot costs around 400 bucks in The Leather Bar, Park. We saved 2400 bucks yesterday. rather had booze for free.


Rays Of Sun 3:22 AM, December 10, 2005  

Yo! Me first!!
Waah, guess u shd be here in US of A. Well, yahan pe they offered free tequila to us and we said "No Thank you" and waiter is like "Are you sure"?
We are like"yeay"
He:"Wow, you must be nice girls":)
BTW, me going to the club today!!

Rays Of Sun 3:23 AM, December 10, 2005  

So the firang paid like 2400 Rs????Wow!! pata nahi Virdi ki kismat chamak chukee hai.Thank Sash ka flowers.abhi roz subah uskee Pooja kar:p

Hobbit,  4:31 AM, December 10, 2005  

Dahling..dont hang out with gurl more..he'll femininise you..going to cdd after leather bar??? *SIGH* I shdda joined you boys (Oops! Meant shdda joied the couple..boy gal...) when you called and showed you a good time.. :-)

ritzkini 4:31 AM, December 10, 2005  

the chinki bartender was kinda cool..with all those psuede antics..flame-throwing kiya nahi baki sab kuch..
and "why are u taking so long guys ?? free booze ! drink it up,quick !!"
bahut haraami tha saala..
the firang was NOT gay..didnt give such vibes..very paavum types.."have money,will spend" ideology ka tha..good for him...and us..

ritzkini 4:33 AM, December 10, 2005  

tonite dear !! ek aur crazy rich firang pakad probs !!

Sayesha 4:36 AM, December 10, 2005  

Hahaha! So Kini plans to some more bar (and firang) hopping eh? ;)

virdi 4:44 AM, December 10, 2005  


you could have put it in a bottle and given it to friends... ;-)

and yes that firang gave 2400 for us... ;-)

Hobbit>> you dog I am not a girl... Kini said CCD because he doesnt want to spend more than 30 bucks on coffee...

and Hobbit is an idiot... Thrrrbbbrrtttt!!!

Kini>> yo man... the bar tender was coool... he was like what just 3 shots and you are leaving??? come on guys you should have had more... ;-) hehehehe...

the firang was gay and he touched your bum... Kini don't lie... infact you said "when he touched I felt good!!!"

Sayesha>> Kini might go for pub hopping or firang hopping or bum touching... i going to watch the hockey match... ;-) India VS Spain at 6.30 PM...


Hobbit,  5:23 AM, December 10, 2005  

Wait a Min!!! Its the Eve of your Birthday and you wanna watch a Match??? OMG! GURL! Giddyup! and Grow UP!! Party Man!

n *Thrrrbbbrrtttt!!!* right back at ya! :-)

shobs,  6:45 AM, December 10, 2005  

err... sorry for the stupid smile in the first comment. just saw both ur posts. that was so sweet! :) so when are u treating me ?
btw, u look tired and have lost so much weight!
working too hard these days? aaj kal kuch khabar bhi nahi rahti hai....

priya 6:59 AM, December 10, 2005  

i know why.. (in response to ur comment on the prev post)


Rohit Talwar 8:31 AM, December 10, 2005  

Lucky ass! FREE TEQUILA SHOTS! wish we had such firangs around when we go out to booze man

Chints 4:06 PM, December 10, 2005  

you seem to be having time of your life man!
Bahut free ka maal mil raha hai aajkal ;o)

virdi 9:05 PM, December 10, 2005  

Hobbit>> you are an Idiot!!!

Shobz>> thanks.. :-) nahi kuch aur problem hai...

Priya>> did you ever ask her why she did that to that guy?? forget it... may be she never understood him..

Rohit>> yo may lucky ass!!!

Chints>> what to do man... kismat badal rahi hai meri mujhe lagta hai...


Anil 4:44 AM, December 11, 2005  

400 bucks! Holy cows from amazon!

saala is it a bar or a 10-star dhinchak hotel?

oh btw, happy birthday!

Friendly,  4:59 PM, December 11, 2005  

Great...APE THE WEST SOME MORE..AND SEE WHERE THAT GETS US. I AM AMAZED AT THE STUPIDITY OF ALL THIS..(NOT YOUR BLOG VIRDI...I LIKE IT A LOT..AND READ IT EVERYDAY). I MEAN..THIS WHOLE WESTERNIZATION...BACK WHEN I WAS IN INDIA (6 YEARS AGO) NOBODY EVEN DREAMT OF GOING TO BARS ON FRIDAY TO BOOZE AND HAVE A Rs.400 SHOT..WHAT THE F!!!? It is this senseless mimicking...combined with the absolute obstinacy in terms of not taking on anything positive from the west..that gets me..I HATE IT!!!!!

virdi 7:02 PM, December 11, 2005  

American Pi>> yo man.. we were literally laughing at that guy!!!

Chappa>> well 5 hotel star bar... btw thanks... ;-)

Friendly>> Personally, this was the first time I went to this jazzy flashy costly bar!!!

From the other point of view... let me put it this way... 6 years back.... Indians didn't have this much money... we didnt work from 9 in the morning to 12 in the night everyday 6 days a week or even 7 days... we didn't party because there was less work stress and you wanted to spend more and more time with family... now a days friends are your family... you discuss personal problems with friends... people leave their family in small towns and come to bigger cities to work hard... i guess India has changed, Indians have changed...

another thing personally is that I party, I have fun, I go home, I sleep... next day I start with few thoughts
1. Today is going to be the best day of my life
2. Wow what a great morning
3. Today I will meet a new person who will teach me somethign new
4. I won't hurt anyone today

I live a very simple life (with a little pinch of salt and Tequila) :-) that makes me happy... western or not western... India has changed... Indians have changed sir... Change is inevitable... :-)

And please this blog is free for Virdi bashing also.. Virdi is strong enough to take bashing and say sorry if he is wrong... and strong enough to defend himself if he is right!!! :-)


WA 6:34 AM, December 12, 2005  

Rs.2400!!! The guy had more money than sense by the looks of it :)

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