Thursday, September 08, 2005


Arjuna Tagged me and I had not done this before. So doing it.

Seven things you plan to do before you die
  1. Buy a Duplex
  2. Fart in a public place and everyone must say “Wow that was great”
  3. Build a hockey turf field in my home town Kharagpur
  4. Bunjee Jump
  5. Learn Tamil
  6. Work for an NGO, where we would work for children (education, rights, againts labour from kids, against abuse, against drugs)
  7. Take 3 months off work and go on second honeymoon with my wife. Most probably some island. Island doesnt mean Australia or Greenland, I mean Lakshwadweep or Andamans.
Seven things you can do

  1. Work hard
  2. Make friends
  3. Give galis in Hindi and Punjabi whenever I am in Delhi and Northern states and not give galis when I am down south. Talk in a rude tone when I am there and be soft when I am down south.
  4. Become emotional when India plays well or bad in Hockey or Cricket
  5. Control anger. Prof. L.S.Ganesh and Kini. Thanks.
  6. Ask others to teach me something I don’t know.
  7. Do bakwas all the time.
Seven things you say most

  1. Hello
  2. Macha
  3. Sat Sri Akal
  4. Abe Oye
  5. Sexy (this can be used for anything sexy shot, sexy dress, sexy girl, sexy advertisement)
  6. What the duck!!!
  7. Kya be fit fat??
Seven things you can't do

  1. Drive a truck
  2. Do yoga like my dad. He is fitter than me by the way!!
  3. Sleep early
  4. Tolerate bullshit !! Aaachoooo.. Sriff Sriff.. I am allergic to bullshit!!
  5. Stop reading friends blogs
  6. Do some kameena panti
  7. Stop watching Hndi movies
Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex. First she should understand me and my PJs, then:

  1. Eyes
  2. Collar Bone
  3. Girls in Saree
  4. Funny (I mean she shouldn’t be boring, she can blabber all day)
  5. Taller than me
  6. Tan Skin
  7. Figure

Seven celebrity crushes (I have celebrity crushes and also chrushes on some characters in some movies)

  1. Kajal in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham song- Suraj Hua Madham
  2. Urmila Matondkar as Milli in Rangeela
  3. Priyanka Gandhi
  4. Sushmita Sen in Main Hoon Na. Speciall in the song, Dil Ka Hai Yeh Haal Kya Kahen
  5. Preeti Zinta in Dil Chahta Hai
  6. Steffi Graf
  7. Barkha Dutt the NDTV Journalist

Seven people you want to tag (I want to tag 9 people. If anyone one of you have done this earlier, just pass me the link, would like to see what you think of the above things)

  1. Sayesha ( She has very pretty hands lots of others things, and she is a good teacher also. Thats why tagged her)
  2. Kini (one of the best people I have ever met in my life. Learnt a lot of things from him. From having fun to being serious and focused in life. Thats why tagged him.)
  3. Roopa (Gujju babe, she is always smiling. Sometime smiling too much. Lets see what she has to say)
  4. Priya (Everything)
  5. Patiala Pataka (Wries about movies. In my list of friends I have named him Movie freak!! Has a very good site.)
  6. Drops of Jupiter (Dont know much about her. So tagged her)
  7. Angelsera (same as DoJ)
  8. Just me (Same as Angelsera)
  9. Sahil (Mast banda hai. He says he is from Singapore and then says he is lying. Pata nahi kya natak karta rehta hai. So tagged him)


Siddhu 8:22 PM, September 09, 2005  

Sahil (Mast banda hai. He says he is from Singapore and then says he is lying. Pata nahi kya natak karta rehta hai. So tagged him)

Are yaar, take one of his comments by checking ur control panel, get the IP addr and visit

Type the IP in there, and lo, u'll know where he's from LOL! ;)

Unless of course he's postin from outside earth. :D

Arjuna_Speaks 8:51 PM, September 09, 2005  

Virdi Bhai - LOL

"Fart in a public place and everyone must say “Wow that was great"

Man - already londoners are scared of bio chemical gas attacks..and u want to scare them more? LOL

Ms. V 3:04 AM, September 10, 2005  

Collar Bone! Never really heard that one before. How do you exactly distinguish a good looking collar bone from a bad one???? Genuinely curious!!!!!

Drops Of Jupiter 6:04 AM, September 10, 2005  

Oi so cute yaar...I accept.
But the correct reason why you want to tag me is because I am hot, right? right?
I'll get started on this...cheerz!

patiala pataka 6:59 AM, September 10, 2005  

Beta virdi i am so touched that i'm considered under your friends list. I will be tagging after my exams...But what is a duplex? or did you mean a durex?

justme 7:17 AM, September 10, 2005  

i take d challenge.. :) thanks.. hehehe!!

ashy 7:53 AM, September 10, 2005  

ms. V>>Collar Bone! Never really heard that one before.
ms. V>>How do you exactly distinguish a good looking collar bone from a bad one????

Hey its really an odd job to tell why you have a crush on something...
but Yups those Sexy collar bone things do make me too go crazy ;-)
atleast we share one common interest Virdi !!

Arjuna_Speaks 7:55 AM, September 10, 2005  

"or did you mean a durex? "

he he he - LOL LOL - I am laughing madly here - that's damn funny man :))

Arjuna_Speaks 7:57 AM, September 10, 2005  

Man I am crying by laughing my brains out - :))

One of the best comments I have ever read - LOL

Good one patiala! LOL

priya 9:53 AM, September 10, 2005  

ive been tagged!! again !! nahiiiii!!!! and hey.. i seem to fit into ur description (of the characteristics u like of the opposite sex) .. can i apply for the vacancy? (if any) :)


virdi 6:34 PM, September 10, 2005  

sidhu>> ;-) will try..
roopa>> no please keep smiling.. :-)
arjuna>> thats is one thing i want to don once.. fart in public place.. ;-)
D.O.J>> yes yes u r the hottest.. u r buring coal..
Patiala>> hehehe.. i mean appartment with 2 floors.. sigle flat with 2 floors..
justme>> cheers!! :-) and its not a challenge..
ashy&everyone else>> its a trun-on for me... :-)
arjuna>> hehehe.. isn't patiala cool?? thats why i tagged him.. :-)
priya>> obviously da... hehehe...

Angelsera 11:37 PM, September 10, 2005  

err...what am i being tagged for here??

justme 9:06 AM, September 11, 2005  

am done with your tag answers.. check it out..

patiala pataka 2:13 PM, September 11, 2005  

virdi beta, i did the tagging thing...

ritzkini 10:50 AM, September 12, 2005  

2 things..
1.Siddha dil pe maamu..Siddha dil pe maara hai...glad to know i made a difference in ur life if not my own !
2.I dont know what this tagging funda is all about...plz elaborate !

virdi 11:33 AM, September 12, 2005  

angelsera>>felt like tagging you.. why are u as confused as a child in a nude bar??
justme>> checked them.. :-)
PP>> check them.. aamir se baat ki?? what did he say??
kini>> please see JustMe ka latest post and PP ka latest post..

ritzkini 12:36 PM, September 12, 2005  

oh..ok...that type aa ? ledu ra...time ledu ra mama....7 things ? i am more interested in the 7 sins !

Drops Of Jupiter 3:55 PM, September 12, 2005  

Oi...second honeymoon maane? teri shaadee ho gayee kya? batayaa bhi nahi? Maine khandala ke ticket bhi book kiye! Iski sazaa milegee.

Angelsera 7:03 AM, September 13, 2005  

Y wud I go to a nude bar?? :S

Angelsera 7:51 AM, September 13, 2005  

hey done ur tag thing..
you can chek it here

ritzkini 2:31 PM, September 13, 2005  

@angelsera-virdi is just trying to use the words made famous by and ex-cricketer from india..navjot-cycle-stand-siddhu...his role model,icon,ispiration,and all associated synonyms !
Apparently Siddhu said this during a cricket match..batsman A facing a spinner B was "as confused as a child in a nude bar" !!!

Angelsera 12:55 AM, September 14, 2005  

aahh..thanks ritzkini,
so virdi is another one of those crazy cricket fans
(as if I am not already surronded by enough of them at home)

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