Friday, April 29, 2005


Hi All,
Samanvay is the management festival of Department of Management studies at IIT Madras. There has been a talk that the name is being used by many Business Schools in South India, so some of us wanted to change the name to something new.
Please fill the excel sheet and send it to b.virdi[at] There is a treat for the person whoes name is approved by our department.
I will also send a personal thanks note to all of you. Once we have enough names I would send you the excel sheet and let you know how did your name do, how many names did we get, what were the wackiest names we got and what is the name selected by our department. If you want to give more than one name, just give the names a ranking.
And if you are planning to write JMET this year we promise free counselling to who ever wants to contact us. I am an alumni b.t.w.


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