Friday, April 29, 2005

Ritesh M Kini

Kini Posted by Hello
I always talk about some guy, Ritesh M Kini. Sala konkani brahmin and is proud that Aishwarya Rai is also konkani, I think she is his sister. ;-)
Kini works in Tata Consultancy Servcies, in Bombay and is so pained with the traveling part that he wants to come to south and work in Chennai if given a chance.
He is an awesome guy, no not awesome but ok ok... he thinks he is awesome... anyways back to Kini. The first time I had a chat with him was near the hostel (where I was asked to gather everyone from Cauvery hostel and reach near CLT). There he was with Dada and as usual dada was giving gyan(believe me that was just the second day of our MBA and Dada was already giving gyan for free). That day there was this photo session for the MBA brochure and I had big beard at that time and Kini said "sala kashmiri militant." :-) he is kameena and was always healthy fun wth him. Never ever he does anything jis se kisi ka dil dukhe.
He never boozed or doped or smoked in 1st semester and had only "maaza mango drink" because it was not airated and also didnt have tea because thats also kind of NASHAA. Well, people do change a lot and Kini is now dope god and ciggi god and booze god and bird-watching god. He used to smuggle dope from marina beach to IIT in the last sem and used to sell to the B.Tech junta for 5 times the price.
In 2nd sem there was this MS scholar KKSKR (i will call her Kini Ki Sapnon Ki Rani - KKSKR) joining us for classes (believe me she has a very prettyface, dont ask about body) and "Kini ke dil ke taar bajne lage , uske man mein kuch halchal hui" and he because totally senti about her. Senti kya hua he always wanted to prove her a point and ended up fighting up with her. We all friends (some 6 -7 of us) went out once to eat at some place and they both ended up fighting. Kini is pakka idiot when it comes to girls.
Me and Rohit thought summers is the best time to get this girl for our man and we used to put hazar fight so that Kini and "KKSKR" can spend sometime together. But there was one wall between "KKSKR" and Kini, INDRAJEET KESHAV KELKAR. Kelkar marathi manus aaahe - he is getting married to another marathi manus in November.
Whenever we used to say "hey this is the right time go and talk to her, ja kini maar de kathoda, bol de usko" we used to find Kelkar coming in from somewhere and saying "tum log kya kar rahe ho?? kahan ja rahe ho??" mera toh dimag kharab ho gaya tha, what great timing Kelkar had. Sala works for Al Quieda I thought, sometimes.
Well Kini ka kuch nahi hua and "KKSKR" got a guy. Junta supposed that this guy was her brother for 3 semesters till someone saw them smooching in Saarang. Now they say "Batak (KKSKR) and Mr Batak (KKSKR's guy) aa rahe hain".
Kini motivates me a lot and will always cherish his friendship. It always fun to be with him.
To Kini I toast...


ritzkini 6:11 AM, April 29, 2005  

DIE !!! BASTARD !! DIE !!! Saaley ek din teri life story dal doonga on my blog and some relative of urs will read it and u'll have no "haysiat" in society !I object to the
"He used to smuggle dope from marina beach to IIT in the last sem and used to sell to the B.Tech junta for 5 times the price."
I abhor capitalism and free enterprise ! ;-)
the rest of the stuff is not even worth objecting's THAT baseless and ridiculous !

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