Monday, April 11, 2005

Is this cricket??

Pakistan practicing in Ahemedabad Posted by Hello
Let’s play cricket.
If you are wondering why every spectator is dressed in khaki then for your information these are the police cops of Gujju-land. Is such cricket necessary?? Too much politics sometimes I think even if the whole of the population of Pakistan and Hindustan say let there be peace these F%$#ing political leaders wont let there be peace.
I hate Bal Thakarey and Narendra Modi and would like to show them the correct finger. __
Just recalled, when there was this Godhara incident in March 2002, the gujju-land CM said "Ismein ISI ka haath hai !!" and he did nothing to stop the killing of 2000 innocent people in Gujrat.
God let there be one country. Let there be peace. Let all the families separated during partition meet. Let us grow as a economically powerful and educated nation. Let us not spend money on arms and ammunition but feed to poor and build homes for the people living in slums.
One day me and Kini were talking of going to Lahore and Islamabad. Hey Kini shall we?? Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities on earth and Anarkali Baazar in Lahore is the place to be if you like Kebabs.
Jai Raam Ji KI.


ritzkini 3:33 PM, April 12, 2005  

Inshallah...inshallah...sar-zameen-e-pakistan here we come !
PS:btw..still havent sent the mail to the Pak HC..yeah..i know i am a lazy ass !

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