Monday, April 25, 2005

Great Ball and Great Acident !!!

Check out the ball of the century. Awesome.
Check out the aweful accident.
One video showing a legend and other showing someone just like that dying on the road, life mein kuch nahi kiya aur mar gaya.
I found these two videos to be anti of each other. (+1 and -1 types)
Jai Raam Ji Ki.


ritzkini 1:35 PM, April 28, 2005  

I dont agree...shane warne is a's important to know as to how much turn he got and how he controlled it... Imagine the angle he needed to bowl be able to bowl it in the rough and spin it to such a large extent that the batsman is bowled without giving him a real chance to sweep...
If gatting had not moved in the same direction as the ball in the clip...he wouldn't have got out...atleast that's my vishesh tippani...
He could've tried to sweep also probably...
The beauty in the ball round his legs is that he's covering the stumps(atleast he thinks so) but still got bowled cos it turned so much..

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