Monday, April 18, 2005

Bought TV (14th April 2005)

My new TV !!! Posted by Hello
We had set top box but no TV. :-) amazing na.
So I saved some money and bought TV. Mom always says save money save money. I thought "agar aabhi save karoonga then bad mein I will buy stuff with that money." Why not buy it now. So here I am bying stuff and saving for future.
Its Philips 21" Flat Screen for Rupees 11800. Good buy I guess. Plan is to buy Washing machine, Refrigirator and Air conditioner this year. 8 months are there. Major planning to be done.
I believe in dowry a lot and who ever marry's me is expected to bring home a lot of cash and I will buy car with that money. :-E
Just kidding. Will buy car little later.
Cheers. TV party with Formula 1 race this wekend. Ashwin is coming and also Pandey ji from bangalore.
Khoob jamega rang jab mil baithenge aap main aur TV. wah wah wah.


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