Friday, January 28, 2005

Priya's Answer !!!

well... this is not one of those write ups which brags endlessly about the 'divinity' of females and their 'caring and compassionate nature' which is supposed to be non existent in men...if they were non existent ... why would women find their soul mate in men?food for thought....
i whole heartedly agree that girls are kind of complicated.. but there's something behind everything she says that tells the guy there's some ulterior thought that has to go into what she jus said(when i am generalising girls here.. i take the liberty to leave out the 'chicks' with brains in the size of peanuts whose vocabulary only includes the words 'so sweet , 'so cute' and 'duh')
thats what makes a girl mysterious.. interesting... bluntly put 'complicated'...
lets take a few examples to make my point clear..
1)girl says-you told me you'll message me once you reach home.. why the hell didnt you message me???!!!guy thinks ' what the duck?? cant u give some privacy??? i forgot ok.. damn it.. mind your own business..'
girl was thinking ' he left office 45 mins back...and it only takes 15 mins for him to get home...and he didnt wear his helmet today..and there's this stupid news flash on some accident near his office...did something happen?? is he ok?'
now tell me... is there anything wrong in what she asked?agreed she sounds like a nag initially but as i said the ulterior thought thing is to be implemented here.. (again.. i am leaving out those pea brained girls who think their boy friend's life should revolve around them with them being cynosure and regular updates on what time he got up,brushed his damned teeth and took a trip to the forsaken loo!!!cmon.. give the guy his space.. he loves you.. doesnt mean he should answer these even remotely significant questions)
2)girl says-hey i wrote this article and it was published in a journal.. i got a copy of it for you to read...
guys says'really?'stares at a 4 page article for 5 secs.. and says ' i dont have the time to read it' and returns to the hockey match going on between holland and some country which is not even on the map!!
girl gets mad.. guys says ' u get angry for everything!!' now picture this.. guy gets a 6630 model nokia phone and shows it to the girl... girl says 'nice' and stares back at the tv on which 'jassi jaise koi nahi' is going on.. would the guy be outraged? you're damn right he will... all that the girl expects is for the guy to say.. 'hey thats cool... the match is almost over on tv.. i'll read the article as soon as the game's over.. bcoz i dont wanna be distracted when im reading it...' thats it.. thats all it takes...
i hope ive proved my point...rather make you understand why girls do what they do...
and as for guys being labelled insensitive.. i totally disagree.. its jus that they dont know how to react... actually they dont know how the girl wants them to react..he he
we know you guys go ga ga over sports.. food .. computers and gadgets.. we dont understand the reasons for it...but we're cool with it.. why?because thats what makes you guys.. :)


virdi 2:01 PM, January 28, 2005  

well priya, i dont know who is the guy who has done this to you... he must be some dumb-fuck-cheap-ass... hope he gets a kick on the butt... kini and ashwin would concur...
Jai Raam Ji Ki...

ritzkini 4:51 PM, January 28, 2005  

Take my advice...and watch the movie "As good as it gets" !!!
Fundoo movie hai bey !
typical guy...ok..slightly nuts..but still typical guy..Meets Helen Hunt as a single-mom waitress...same fundas like me and M..just like me..fullu lovvu but no brains !
anyways..the point i'm tryng to make..he says..ok..forget everything..i have a nice compliment about you..helen hunt is like "I dotn beleive you !!" and he says.."You make me wanna be a better man..."
Super-e-star fundas are there machaa...
watch the movie to get the complete story...appearing on HBO/Star nowadays !I watched it yesterday nite..slept at 3:30 and woke up at 8 AM and now it's 10:30 PM..Boy i am a code machine !!!

ritzkini 6:33 AM, January 29, 2005  

and priya...Good one....really good one...cant say i agree with you..but..i see ur point....

Anonymous,  8:44 AM, January 29, 2005  

Guys cant read our minds so we have to explain stuff to them...and we in turn need explanations..but at the end its all in how you communicate. Get that pat and you dont need words..........KNSTB

Anonymous,  5:54 PM, October 10, 2006  

ur way of writing is great..but some stupid thoughts abt gals are disappointing...
in order to have fun...u guys dont have any other topic or wat??

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