Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Comment on my Swadesh blog

This was someone's comment on the Swadesh blog. The guy didn't write his name or give his blog ID.
Anonymous said...
I saw Swadesh and I really felt the word of Mr. Mela Ram.But i will like to tell u my experience of the so called research organisation like DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, BARC. I had worked in one of the organisation for 5-6 years in the scale of scientific officer. I had really seen the struggle of Indians techie when they work in Govt reseacrch organisation.
I tell u all the organisation has very much common in them. i.e. No Human Resource Management. Because of which the talented suffers and those who does buttering escapes promotions also leads the section, divsion and the organisation. All top bosses in those organisation are burden to the nation, because they hardly work and at the same time they create lots of hurdles in work or by promotions. All research organisation are now polarised into zone i.e. some of bengal, Up, Bihar, Mallu, etc. In this polarisation enviroment there can not be fair research because the polarisation creates specific windows also obstacles to people of other domain. Also the increment and salary of these research organisation matures on joining or on pay commission itself. Due to dis-satisfaction of salary also people does nt care to work to their full potential. Seeing all this i saw my future becoming section head or division head of unproductive unit. I thought to quit the organisation and go to US. At US the life is very difficult but no body cares for other also. So there is no ploarisation in research organisation also the salary is good. Highly paid salary keep the enthu of the person in work and they contribute 300% at US.
I would say the same person who are performing 300% in NASA, Microsoft, CISCO, Honeywell, etc. will not perfom at 5% of its capacity at Indian Research Organisation. Also a fact that over 15-22 years none of the IIT graduate (B.Tech) candidate joins BARC, CSIR or ISRO. U may know the reason why.
It was very painful for me to take a decision to go US. I was having every thing in India my family, friends also a permanent Govt. job. But we scientific people are not clerk, we need some motivation for ourself. It comes only in work or by earning. Staying in Govt organisation can not provide money to me. Also the work enviroment is not conducieve.
Any milestone taken by the organisation was initial effort of the founder. The organisation now works on target ignoring personal satisfaction of the scientist working in the organisation.
So at this situation, after learning abt so much about India, i would never opted to come back to India as what Mohan decides in SWADESH. In fact I would have earned and helped some section of Indians by providing money for some basic necessacity like what MOHAN did elecrical generation program. But I would have not stayed at India.
Also one more thing There is no provision in Indian so called research organisation to recruit personnel who had worked abroad. Only at IIT some prof. post are open to MS and PhD candidate. Other wise those research organisation says that MS at US is not recognised as valid qualifications.
The Girl Gita at SWADESH is mad, I will tell you there is no Indian Girl who will not like to marry an engineer of NASA. she will get everything in life. Also we NRI takes good care of wife.
I may ask Ashutosh and Shahrukh to do some research in life of the scientist of research organisation of BARC, CSIR, ISRO, NPCIL. Also if u go to mumbai, mankhurd police station u will get the police record of nos. of scientist committing suicide at Anushaktinagar.
When Indian go abroad for study they learn technology at a lower cost and they in return pass on the technoilogy to India absolutely free of cost. This is actually reverse brain drain. Look Dr. homi bhabha and its research organisation is product of reverse brain drain. if Bhabha would have never been to UK for higher studies, how come he could have started an atomic research institutions.
Coming back to Mela Ram feeling, i do feel same that instead of working and developing our nation, we are developing America. But there is no way for us. India is not a place for scientist. Only the politicians, corrupts and Lazy bones can survive in India.
But as and on behalf of NRI, I promises to do something to India like what Dr. Homi Bhabha Started an Nuclear reseach organisation. Mr. Mohan in swadesh started electric generating station.
Hi, Mr (Nakli) Mohan
Firstly, don't get sentimental its only a movie and its only a blog. Will post somthing more on your comment soon. Till then.....................................


Anonymous,  3:25 AM, January 07, 2005  

if you can wax lyrical over the movie then allow Mr Anonymous to give you the bare facts of the case. He's been there and done that and obviously it struck a nerve.....as for me I'm just waiting to see SRK in another role and then forget everything. KNTB

Anil 7:31 PM, January 15, 2005  

I saw the movie yesterday, and while I like the spirit and the heart behind the movie, I was terribly disappointed by Gowarikar's treatment of the subject. There are moments when you can feel the passion, but by the time the movie ends, you are left with an empty feeling. The feeling was accentuated by some really bad scenes - such as the Dussera Ramayan scene where the arrows appear magically in Ravan's hands (For heaven's sake, you are showing a village play - how on earth can you have special effects there?) and the scene where they generate electricity (Jeez, Ashutosh, we are not idiots - when does generating some electricy cause arcs to travel across the lines?).
The worst part was the NASA scenes - which seemed to be put in there just for the sake of showing NASA - they were too long and seemed too artificial - especially Mohan's boss, a guy who seemed constipated and hammed through his lines.

Yes Ashutosh, I understand the message you were trying to convey, but you ruined it with the way you scripted the story. Next time please spend some more time during the storyboard stage and make a film that is as tightly scripted as Lagaan.

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