Monday, January 24, 2005

Saarang 2005 - II

Went for the Rock Concert on 22nd at IIT. It was great to be back at the place I love so much.
ROCK CONCERT 22nd January 2005
The rock concert was to start at 7.30 PM and we were there at around 3PM. Ashwin, "We will go and hang around there for sometime, chumma timepass" ; what he exactly means "We will check out the girls there"
Wanted to compare the OAT before and during the show, so took some fotos.
Show started at 7.30 and there was noise and crowd and halla gulla and jumping up and down. Phew. Me, Priya, Tina, Ashwin, Dhagala, Arun, Ramana, Kelkar and Archana were standing right infront of the stage.
Orange Street was good. They had some fusion plus rock. Somthing like "Hare Rama Hare Krishna" plus "We dont need no education". It was not Pink Floyd but Orange Floyd you can say. They have improved than the last time they came to IIT. ( In June 2003)
Moksha was too much attitude and they didnt sing covers. (I left OAT around 9.45 PM ) They sang all originals and so people were not in too much enthu. In the end they came up with Metallica, "Nothing else matters" I was out of the OAT at that time and could hear the crowd go wild. Went in again at around 11.15 PM and it was "Two Minutes to Mid Night"
It was fun.
DECIBELS 23rd January
Its a competition of the semi-professional bands of India. Few photos. Buddha Blasted was good. They played here last time also. Drummer was awesome. And they had some girls promoting heir new album. Me Ashwin and Ramana were sitting and having a chat near the stage and they came "Please can you buy the CD of Buddha Blasted, its just 100 bucks" Ramana"No, we cant, we dont like rock and we are from Bomabay and passed out of IIT and here to see Saarang........ something something...... " all crap..... they went off..... Bloody fool..... Well we were all the time doing some Bluetooth data transfer so the girls must have got impressed and came to sell the CD. Who says flashy phones doesnt attract women?? Had fun yesterday also.
Planning to go to Light Music Concert on 25th Night, KK is coming.
Jai Raam Ji Ki !!


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