Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Girls and Expression

Well in continuation to the Girls & Anger post here comes the Expression post. You can never understand, what a girl is trying to express. If she makes faces you can never understand. You think she is a nut and gone case. If she doesnt make any faces you think she is a dull girl. You dont know what she wants, never evr u can understand and you need not try because you cant. You as as confused as a child in a topless bar. (Navjot Sidhu PJ)
1st Situation
Guy is a stud and his name is Rahul Khanna or Gaurav Kapoor. Girl looks at her then the expression...
Girls A says: Oh my god he is so cute, I wish he was my dog and I would play with him all day!! and cuddle with him...
DOG??? What the heck!!! Why not boy friend??
Girl B walks to him and says: Hi Rahul/ Gaurav, how r you doing?? and blah blah blah.....
What the heck. She is so boring. She has no ways to express things.
Girl C walks to him and says: Hi handsome,(touches the neck with her finger) what are you doing tonight?? This is my phone number. I dont want to sleep all night. (And give a wicked smile)
What the heck she is so fast. Come on lady I don't sleep with any girl.
Man makeup your mind what do you want.
2nd Situation
Girl is very sad, somthing has happened in her personal life and she wants you to listen to her.
Girl A says: You know my dog?? He is not eating, he is not sleeping and when he eats he pukes all out and when he pukes there is no yellow color but........
She wants to talk to you about the poor son-of-a-bitch but you are watching baywatch on TV and thinking when will she get over with her dog so that you can make out with her.
Girl B says: My grand mother died. (fullstop)
She wants you to talk to her and ask her, What happened?? How did it happen?? and things like that.... Instead you think, "What then heck!! Is that the expression she will give when I die??" You start thinking of future and forget she that she also wants to hug you because she is sad.
Girl C says: Hey listen, my mother and father have gone to some of my aunt's place because my grand mother died and I will be all alone in my home tonight. What are you planning to do??
You have a drop jaw again, You think, "Will call my friend home in the night, when I die??" You forget about the night and that she has invited you home, you also forget she wants a hot kiss from you now. What is in a girl's brain only god knows. You are going bonkers and thinking of you own future with such a girl.
3rd Situation
Girl A says: I love you. You are my baby, you are my ice cream, you are my darling, you are my coca-cola, you are my paani-poori, you are my soft pillow..... and list goes on........
What the hell, thank god she didn't say you are my brother. She is expressing love and all you do is give her weird looks. You can't understand whats in her head, again.
Girl B says: Hey man I love you. (full stop)
Is this the way you express love?? You think this girl has a seruious problem in her head. She doesnt have any cells which make the word L-O-V-E, but she is expressing this from the depths of her heart and you show her the middle finger from the depths of your own heart.
Girl C says: I love you (in your ear) Lights off!! Clothes gone!!
She is trying to say, I am all yours. Expressing her true love for you and you think she is using you and is trying to fullfil her desires.
We can never understand girls, but one thing is sure when a girl loves a guy she does it from her heart and expects the same from the guy. And the guy is more interested in her friends and her clothes and her body than her way of expressing things especially L-O-V-E.
Some things really went wrong when god was making the MALE BRAIN.
Jai Raam Ji Ki....


ritzkini 9:25 AM, February 02, 2005  

no wonder u land up with a girl without trying too hard !
u just tell them what they want to listen to !
saala...pharzi gentleman !!!
maybe u shld write a book someday...
"men are from the earth..women are from uzbekistan !"
PS: Other Junta mite not understand,but the author of this post has a certain fascination for all things uzbekistani !!

virdi 9:48 AM, February 02, 2005  

hehehe... not only uzbekistan but also kirgistan, kazakistan, turkmenistan, furkmenistan and freakingistan.... the words are like "wow how can anyone think of such a word" that way i am fascinated with the work uzbekistan and the uzbek warrior and war lord, rutam doshtum... (makes no sense to anyone but only me) :D (calvin laughter from the comic strip calvin and hobbes)

ritzkini 8:01 AM, February 03, 2005  

The mujahideen u r talking abt are:Abdul rashid dostum (and not what u have written..)...he was supported by the erstwhile Soviet Union and India while...Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was his enemy No.1(he was supported,armed and financed by Pakistan and Amreeka !)
Both were products of the Dar-ul-wahid school of islamic studies...basically terrorism schools...just that one of them had fallen out with the amreekans once the USSR left afghanistan..
Terrorsim funde are there...after extensive reading up on these buggers during iit days...;-0
and yeah..what a name to have..gulbuddin hekmatyar !!wonder what his pals call him ?? Heck ? aisa mat kar yaar heckmatyaar ?

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