Thursday, September 02, 2004


FRIDAY 10.30 PM 27th August 2004

I and Dhiman are all set to go to Bangalore and wait for auto near our house in Adyar. An autowala comes Dhiman asks for Madras Central the RAJNIKANT LOOKING guy says "SAAR 130 RUPEES", Dhiman is a bastard he replies, "Hey we don't want to come back". I and the autowala are shocked and he knows, they are not going to bend down and moves ahead. Suddenly from out of the blue we hear a noise coming to us at great speed, a thing in the form of auto rickshaw comes and stops near us. We hear, "SAAR WHERE GOING SAAR?" Dhiman with blunt face "Madras Central", Autowala" OK SAAR, COME SAAR 70 RUPEES SAAR" Now its Dhiman's turn to get shocked. We jump into the auto before he changes his mind.

As soon as I enter the auto he gives me no chance to even sit. 1st gear and 20 kms/hr in 2 seconds, I nearly hit my head on the bar.

The Auto guy was crazy and was smiling at us as if the butcher has got his goat to slaughter.

The auto went zoooooommmm past the other things. We over took a bus as if it was standing. The guy was driving the poor machine like crazy, we over took even a Nissan van. He took us through two autos going on the marina beach. Me and Dhiman held to the vehicle as if we were going in it for the first time. The guy smiled back at times and said, HA HA HA DONT WORRY SAAAR!! What do u mean don’t worry u idiot, my parents love me a lot.

His auto moved like a snake at times and I though as if I will throw up.

We jumped out of the auto as soon as it reached Madras Central. Dhiman took out the wallet and as was giving the money as soon as he could, the guy looked at the watch and said, SAAR SEE SAAAR 12 MINUTES ONLY SAAR!! I M GOOD NA SAAR !! Yes indeed you are, u son of a gun-brother of Alan Prost, you nearly made me pee in my pants.

I still think that was the craziest ride I ever had in my life. I want to drive an AutoRickshaw once though. Not professionally.

I was going to Bangalore that night will write about the Bangalore trip pretty soon. I didnt like Banglore a lot, for personal reasons though....


virdi 10:33 AM, September 06, 2004  

oye anil.. u shutup.. it was hell of a ride.. thanx to guru nanak-bhagwan vishnu-allah, i m still alive or else he had made all the plans to send me to KABARISTAN..

blue ice 7:33 AM, September 28, 2004  

hey virdi what are the reasons for not liking b'lore ?

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