Monday, September 06, 2004


Me, Dhiman and Ashwin were to reach Banglore on Saturday early morning but instead were stranded on the outskirts at K.R.Puram station for an hour. Our first impression of the city, "Man there is traffic jam of trains also in Banglore. "
Got down at Banglore Cantt station and took and auto to reach Sudip' place. He stayed in Infosys provided accomodation at some place near Lal Bag Gardens. The Auto-Rickshaws in Banglore thankfully run on meter and we didnt have to do any bargaining and fighting.
Around 12 o 'Clock we went to see the city, and got the real picture. Welcome to the world of bad roads, unruly traffic, potholes, traffic jams, etc etc etc.. But I really liked the weather of Banglore and it was around 25 deg C and was cool.
We went straight to Butun's house at Koramangala. His house is a sexy place and he pays around 15000 as rent per month. We had great lunch with his friends. One was from IIT-D and other from IIT-KGP. (By the way half of my family is from IIT Kgp, am I showing off??)
We sat at Barista at MG Road , thought to be the most happening place in Banglore for about two hours and made a study about the girls. Conclusion - The parents of the girls between the ages 15 to 21 are very poor, less clothes and guys were always paying the bill. I dont know much about parents becoming rich suddenly when their girls suddenly turn 22.
In the evening we went to a pub called Guzzler's Inn, the liquor was cheaper than Madras and the music was awesome. They were also showing F1 qualifying and it was fun to be with friends after a long time.
Then after few shots we came out and were on MG road and Brigade road. Evereything was ncie but I found that something lacking about Bangalore, thats genuineness. Everything looked fake. Pata nahi I thought the thing lacking in the city is "aapna-pan." May be because it has lot of people coming from outside.
Well few hours is not enough time to tell about a city but anyways these are my views.
We slept at Butun's place. He has converted his 3 bedroom house into a dormitory. His place has all type of gizmos, courtsey Ronnie. From laptops to internet provinding Indicom phones to earphones bigger than my computer speakers to a computer which has ever software available on the web and is used as a TV more and a computer less.
Next morning was boring and we were little dukhi that we had to leave friends so soon. Anyways we were again at MG Road for lunch and found as if mela laga hai. there were some billions of people already on the streets on a Sunday. Hai Raab!! Reached Sudip's place and watched Belgian Grand Prix and for a change Michael Schumacher was slower than one person by 3 seconds.
Another good thing about Banglore is that no Set Top Box fundes and u can get as many chanels as you want. I can kill the fat lady called Jaya Lalita for the stupid rule she has made about cable television.
Anyways we took the 9.30 Train in the night and reached Madras in the morning. Was nice and short trip though.


Anil 6:54 PM, September 12, 2004  

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