Tuesday, August 17, 2004


15th August was on Sunday and I lost one day of chutti. Can u believe one day of masti gone into the drain??? Shit!! Shit!!
Woke up late because had boozed on saturday night!!! Ate maggie and forced DIPU to make coffee around 11 AM. Thanks DIPU !
The day was full of activity.....
We also put up THE TRICOLOUR on the appartment entrance to show our patriotism. Uncle Rao who lives in flat number 6 was very excited and asked "Who is the nationalist leader among you all??" Does anyone need to be a leader to show his patriotism?? I said some crap to him, we always put up flag in the hostel so we put here.. Wanted to slap him though !!!
Afternoon was fun. Shifted one of my friends stuff from PG flat to an appartment. My god girls have so much stuff. I could not belive it. She had like tons and tons and tons of stuff. She had some 6 bags; two boxes for computer; five small bags which had some asthama giving teddies; small teddy - big teddy... and tons and tons of Sheets and Papers and two suitcases. thats all i can rememeber. She is fashion designer and had done some amazing work of art, i saw her porfolio that day, sort of Final year project at Engineering.
Around 5 thought of catching some friends at Barista and lost my way. Then rushed to Spencer Plaza to waste time. Ate pau-bhaji and tons of marwari chatar-matar. Thinking of growing a belly in 2 months flat. The way I am progressing, I will surely be successful. Bloody no excersie in my routine.
around 10 PM rushed to IIT to see the hockey match... India Vs Holland... Bastards at IIT were not showing the match... Went to Ganga hostel, janta watching some stupid national geographic... Went to Jam, lost my way could not find the common room (Dean has converted IIT hostels into live Civil Engineering Projects for final year students) Reached Alakh and was amazaed to see janta wating in anticipation for the match to start. English Premier League though. Arsenal vs some team, didnt bother them.. Ran to Cauvery hostel... bastards watching HBO... Ran to Krishna hostel dogs and gults watching Chiranjeevi movie together...
Ultimately called Harvinder ( I had some 7 buks in my prepaid card but still called, this is patriotism) He said India 1-zuk down, was watching the match at some friends place , come as fast as u can( as if i was going to save India) Infact I was driving fast... some how reached his place... India lost 3-1... good fight, stupid errors and we lost... nothing new !!!
came back home... crashed... had to go to office next morning...
Well is this the way we celebrate Independence Day???


blue ice 9:34 AM, August 30, 2004  

Hi Virdi ..atleast you did something on independence day .Watched a hockey match was cool buddy .But here people dont even bother that its Independence Day.They take it as any other holiday and freak out. Well few people including me did wake up early in the morning and went to Independence Day celebration held at AD Block .That was cool !!!!
The flag funda at ur house was cool too ...

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