Saturday, December 08, 2007

Divya From Abu Dhabi

Went to Abu Dhabi few months back and met Trupti's friend Kavita. She has the prettiest daughter and obviously one of the naughtiest. And I never told her to make all these faces, I promise I never told her.

Sorry you cant see me. I want to hide behind the "MENU CARD".
Under the table shaitani.
Bring my food fast. :-)
She kept playing with the sauce. I asked her Divya you want to come with me to Madras, she replied "MAIN NAHI JAYINGA!!"
See I never taught her to do this.
And this !!!
And this either!!!
She looked so innocent and so pretty, and she is pretty smart.
Well when I was 4 years old if someone said go there and stand I would be a fool and stand there. Now kids ask , "Excuse me, why do you want me to stand there? Whats your motive behind doing this? Why do you want me to do what you have asked me to do?" OK OK OK Dont do, the kid still has an answer these days "Make up your mind boss, what do you want me to do?"
Divya was not at all like this, but yes I have met kids who are like that. PHEW !!! DANGEROUS KIDS !!! Kids these days are they smart or we were dumb?


KJ 7:21 AM, December 12, 2007  

thank u for posting her pic..:)

hace u heard abt her latest coin episode from trupti?

hope to see you soon back in AUH..



Rays Of Sun 7:25 PM, December 14, 2007  

Cute adorable kid!
Abe, yeh bacchi 21st century ki hai..:P
//Kids these days are they smart or we were dumb//

Lolz..both are true:P:P

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