Monday, November 26, 2007

Asanti Sana Kenya

Just back from trip to Kenya. It was beautiful. Although I went there on work our Africa boss made sure we went out for a safari one day. And we went to Nakuru National Park. Its around 175 kms from Nairobi and the drive was brilliant. We had to go through the Great Rift Valley. I didnt know but apparently the valley starts from Lebanon and ends in Mozambique. On the way we also saw some dormant volcanoes and some craters formed millions of years ago.

I am just posting lots of photos and writing a line below it.

In Giraffe National Park. They take the cereals from your hand and you can click photos.

At times I got scared, because of the quick movement of their heads.
There was this small bird sucking nectar from flowers in the park. It was as small as a match box.
Lazy Tortoise

Entering the Rift Valley.

Pretty Bird. There are around 400 species of birds in Nakuru National Park. On a lucky day you can find 100.

Ugandan Crane

Proud Bird. Showing off !!!

Flamingos. Millions of them !!!

Hadada Ibis Couple !!!

Some bird I never saw ever in my life. Don't know name also.

Hadada on top of tree. Its called Hadada because when it flies it makes noise like Ha-da-da.

Pelicans. They walk funny !!!

A bird on Zebra, crossing.


Baby Zebra :-) Looks so cool !!!

Leopard on the prowl.

Leopard has an antelope in his mouth !!! Bloody scary. It was 20 feet away from us.

Pretty Flowers !!

Giraffe's family !!

Lion has the look. "CUT THE CRAP, WHERE IS MY FOOD?"

Another Species of Bird

One of the Pelicans was such a show off. It came out of water and then cleaned its feathers and then flew all across the Park. Few of the pictures are here.

Elegant !!!

The bird had a wingspan of around 2 meters. It was just huge.

While we were walking aroundn the park our guide showed us a tree and it had mud all around the bark , around 3 feet high. He told us this was done by the wild boars.

What they do is they rub their body in mud because they have small small insects on their body all the time. When they rub their body on the ground mud sticks to their back and they basically creat a coat kind of thing around their body, now the insects cant breath and they die. Hence they dont feel the insects biting or moving around their body. What they then do is rub their body on some tree in the evening and remove the mud. We could then relate the 3 foot high mud on trees.

The most scray part, was yet to come. He said "This kind of mud if you find on trees at a height of 5 ft or 6 ft, you should run for you lives. Because you are in the territory of rhinos and buffaloes. This kind of mud rubbing on trees done by pigs, is also done by wild buffalos and rhinos. And if they have babies with them they would surely attack" That guy scared the shit out of us.

Kenya was very very enchanting I would say.


jane,  4:58 AM, November 27, 2007  

maha cool fotos! :)

la fao,  11:08 AM, November 27, 2007  

lovely pix, surdie! v.professional they look! n interesting factoids too!

now that you have been home fore more than a coupld of days, why don't you go to...say, iceland? put up more pix n tid bit gyan. *fleeing trupti's missile..*

mrs. virdi,  12:38 PM, November 29, 2007  

sirf fao hi mujhe samajhti hai! *cries in filmi fashion* fao, meri behna!

jane,  7:19 AM, November 30, 2007  

ye sab kya ho raha hai beta duryodhan? :D

The Bhandari's 1:40 PM, December 06, 2007  

hey came to ur blog after long long long time... was just looking my old posts and going through comments when saw ur comment and remembered I use to visit ur blog too :)
seeing and reading this post can say man u must have had a wonderful time there

Anonymous,  3:16 AM, January 14, 2008  

Your bird identifications are way off. And the bird in the tree you have never seen before is a Helmeted Guniea Fowl.

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