Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Almost Famous!!!

Ok all you jealous and chote log. These are the mails exchanged between me and Ehsaan. Tum log saab jealous ho. Thats all.
Dhadak Dhadak Dhua Udaye Re!!
Dhadak Dhadak Ceeti Bajaye Re!!!

If Ehsan you are reading this. Then How did you ome to know of my mil ID?? Please clear the kanfoosan. :-)

Ehsan's mail:

hi bhavdeep
this is ehsaan from shankar, ehsaan, loy i was looking for some reviews of the iit show that we performed at.
if u do have any video clips it would be nice if u could post them !!
take care

My reply:

Hi Ehsaan,
Your show was spectacular, magnificent and nostalgic. Few of the scenes I remember is when Shankar was telling you: "Ehsaan 4 or 5 years back we made music for a movie. Which was the movie?" and you played "Ding Ding Ding" on your guitar "the Dil Chahta Hai tune". Ahhhhh that was orgasmic. The whole crowd went wild.
Few of the songs were just of the world. Songs from Bunty Aur Bubbly, Lakshaya and Dil Chahta Hai were very good. The jugalbandi between the tabla players and the drummers were too good. I love the show and will always be in my mind.
I have a few videos and will surely post them on my website. All the best for the up coming concerts.

Ehsaan's reply:

hi bhavdeep
thanks for the mail !!! glad u liked the gig it really was one of the best gigs we have played especially the audience !!!
that dch thing was something impromptu and i was really touched by the way the crowd caught on to it and went wild.
take care i look forward to the vids !!!

My reply:

Hello Ehsaan,
I have few videos and they are on my site... Are you going to pay me??? ;-)
Just kidding... incase you want some help then please let me know... No seriously you must be having lots of contacts and all that... But there might be some work like promotion or publicity and such stuff... Would always like to do that for you guys...
I looked through your site... It looks too plain... Seriously you guys are awesome and the site doesnt give credit to your talent...
By the way if you meet Loy, just tell him that I am the same guy on whom he was planning to throw water during the break... We were sitting and Loy came and gave us his water bottle... And then he was throwing water on us... :-) You guys rock... Down to earth and amazing tallent...
Click here to go to the videos page... Little publicty also done... ;-) The quality of videos is not that great but it might tell you how much we enjoyed the show...
Cheers mate...

Ehsaan's thanks mail :

hey buddy
thanks a lot have seen the vids !!!
well out site is being given a facelift soon !!! will def tell loy about the water ha ha !!
thanks for the offer for publicity !!

Even if this was not Ehsaan atleast someone mailed me with the name of Ehsaan. Right??? Did anyone named Shahrukh Khan ever mail anyone of you??? kabhi bhi kisi ko
shah.rukh.khan@yahoo.com se mail aaya hai?? Nahi na??? Then you lose and I win.

Stupendous Man Rules!!! he ha ha he ha ha he ha ha. Mogambo ka bhateeja GOGO khush hua...



ritzkini 10:23 AM, February 07, 2006  

/*Ahhhhh that was orgasmic.*/
Reaalllyyyy ?? Oi,pardesi-babu-from-the-leather-bar..something for you to think abt,eh ?
theek hai yaar..khush reh..mayyyybeee it really was ehsaan..khush ?
Ay,bhaailog,everyone else..just say it yaar...else this will the post-topic for a few 100 posts !

virdi 11:03 AM, February 07, 2006  

Kini>> The jealous konkani brahmin shouts again...

theek hai yaar.. khush reh.. mayyyybeee it really was ehsaan.. khush ? Ay, bhaailog, everyone else.. just say it yaar... else this will the post-topic for a few 100 posts !

No need to say duffer!!! I know it was Ehsaan...


The Girl Who Sold The World 3:52 PM, February 07, 2006  

Okay, I believe it and as Ritzkini has advised us all to say it, I'll say it:

Ehsaan ne Virdi ko mail kiya.
Ehsaan ne Virdi ko mail kiya.
Ehsaan ne Virdi ko mail kiya.
Ehsaan ne Virdi ko mail kiya.
Ehsaan ne Virdi ko mail kiya.
Ehsaan ne Virdi ko mail kiya.
Ehsaan ne Virdi ko mail kiya.
Ehsaan ne Virdi ko mail kiya.

Happy? :D

virdi 5:16 PM, February 07, 2006  

The Girl>> Happy??? Sticking tongue at you !!! Thrrrrrrrbbbbbbrrrrrrrrttttttt !!!


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