Thursday, December 16, 2004

Inter IIT at IIT-Madras

How much I hate working I came to know once the Inter-IIT 2004 started. There was sheer enthusiasm in September-October that I would go and watch each and every match of Madras but this job sucks big time and I am not able to take out time for what I like to do the most "STAY NEAR THE SPORTS FIELD".
Anyways, I got time today and went to see the hockey match between IIT-Bombay and IIT-Madras. Bombay is 2002 gold medalist and 2003 bronze medalist and brings a great team every time. Madras is the current champion and the silver medalists of 2002. It was going to be a great match we all knew that.
As soon as Mani Sir (IIT-Madras hockey coach) saw me, he barked, "What is this Virdi? Reduce your tummy" hitting it with a hockey stick. He is very motivating and an awesome guy and a great coach.
Match starts at sharp 1PM and there were more supporters of IIT-Bombay than IIT-Madras. Bloody fools no one there, only me, Mani sir and our players. Supporters gone for grub. Bon-Appetite.
Bombay makes first moves and comes in our D quite a number of times in the first 10 mins. Bala and Tullu, our backs are well supported by Robo and Venu, our left half and center-half. We somehow just hang on and 15 minutes pass and then the inevitable. Bombay takes lead. 1-0 up.
No one can believe this, not even the Bombay players themselves. There was a mistake by our half-line and the ball came straight to the stick of their forward and he pounced on it like a hungry lion.
Bombaaaaaaaaaayyyyy - Bombaaaaaaaaaaayyyy.... I hate this!!! I felt like going in the field and slapping every Madras player. They just didn’t show any urgency to snatch the ball from the attackers. The Bombay mid-field was great, there was this guy Lambe-Baal(LB) he kept coming in our D every 2 minutes and looked like scoring every time.
Half Time… Madras 1 to 0 down. All heads down and we feel like we have lost the match. Our attackers don’t have the passion and the eagerness shown by the Bombay guys. Sarkari didn’t make any move, Mamu hardly got any ball, Uday was down with injury, Bunny and Phantom looked like they were statues. Anand was one guy who looked like doing something but hockey is a team game.
Second half starts and LB again takes the ball and moves in the D and scores. Bombay 2-0 down. Second goal in seconds after the start of the second half. It’s like hell when the home team is losing and I hate to see that, I was cursing everyone, even Mani Sir.
5 minutes later 3-0 LB scores again. 30 minutes left and I think Bombay will put in at least half a dozen goals.
Bombaaaaaaaaayyyyy... Bombaaaaaaaaayyyyy...
I didn’t feel like watching the match anymore just that I had come from office to see the match I wanted to stay there. Till then all the Maddu Supporters had arrived and were shell shocked to see the score line.
Then Ma*** C*** - B*** C*** started.
Bombay ki maa ka…
Ek do teen Char Bombay ki G*** maar…

Then suddenly Uday from no where came in the D with the ball and scored a great goal. 3-1. And every Madras player got pumped up.
Moves were being made all of a sudden. Goli was sent it and was now playing back instead of Bala. He was blocking LB's moves. (I think he should have been sent in earlier)
Sarkari came in the 25 yeards line, with a great skill and we get a penalty corner in the 25th minute. Sarkari pushes; Anand receives the ball and dribbles past two and hits. Bang on the board. 3-2!!! Madras in majar enthu. Come on- guys-come on. Fight-guys-fight.
8 mins left and a through pass from Sarkari and Uday misses by 1 centimeter.
Again one pass from Sarkari and Mamu misses it by 1 millimeter I guess.
Bombay is tensed that the Maddus will score for sure.
Venu gets a free hit outside the D and cracks in; Uday like a cheetah is fast and bangs in.
People go crazy and are forced out of the ground by Vamsi (sports secy) and Ravanan (sports in charge, he is an ass though)
2 mins left and Anand dribbles past 5 and hits in the goal from nearly zero angle. Into the Net. And falls on the ground. Amazing. Just out of the world. I am hugging someone I don’t even know. It was great. Some people just ran into the field. No security could stop them. Anand is on the ground and the whole team is on him. It was great.
4-3 Final whistle. What a match. What a victory!!!
Mand- Makkar-Maar-Makar
Yeah… Yeah… Yeah… Yeah…
My throat is gone and I cant talk properly.
Tomorrow we have footer match at 9.30 AM... Junta I am going to hell with job and all that shit…
Madraaaaaaaaaaassssssssss….. Madraaaaaaaaaaassssssssss…..


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