Thursday, December 23, 2004

Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo...

Hey Ashwin you remember we read about this movie "ROK SAKO TOH ROK LO" promotion in the newspaper??
Sunny Bhaji why did you make this movie... Infact Sunny Bhaji why are you making movies anyways??? Why dont you go back to your good old village and start doing Kheeti-Baari and help the kisaans of Lundhiana???
This guy "Arindam Chaudhary" counted his chickens before they hatched. Read the review. Infact I just wanted to see the movie to know how bad it is.


ritzkini 7:49 AM, December 23, 2004  

Esp. love sunny paaji's dance steps in the title track..and no...i am not crazy enuf to spend 130 bucks(thats how much it costs in a normal Multiplex in Mmmmmumbaaaaaaiiiii) on one more of Arindam Choudhary's "Chicken"-brained schemes !!!

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