Tuesday, July 20, 2004

madras city!!!

i live in madras. well i have lived in few places in my life but this is the best place. belive me people, those who says madras sucks dont know anything abt the city.

everyone shouts "madras is hot", hey people this is India (not Canada) ; it has to be hot. they say there is water problem in the city but it hardly ever rains here. how can we have abundant water? and this is one of the few cities which doesnt have a river flowing. so in a way, even god has not given his best to the city.

for your info, i am a sikh. i have never ever lived in southindia(before coming here in aug 2002). i love chandigarh and ludhiana. i have lived there for years. and it is in the nature of a punjabi to showoff. big cars, levis, nike, raybans, etc etc should be there or else you are not complete( you will not be happy because others are wearing better clothes than you are) clothes are more important and not the person (general punjabi mentality)

now when you come to madras the first impression that you get is filty city, yuks, thu. second impression even wrose. but slowly and steadily you fall in love with this place. i came to know that there is something which I had never done earlier in my life. "BEING HUMBLE AND RESPECTFUL". and the best thing about this place are the people. they are so nice. so Mr.Punjabi now knows its not important in life to showoff but to be humble and nice to others.

it has great roads, best law abiding citizens, high education level, great institutions(IIT madras, Madras Univ, Anna Univ, Presidency College, to name a few), the traffic runs in the mornings(we also have traffic jams though), the best theaters, the best shopping malls, did i mention the girls?? well you cant find girls with sexier eyes than the eyes of a tamilian. its called KATILANA NAZAR....

now about the places.

if you are at madras you should try to visit these places.

spencer plaza at mount road, ispahani center in nungambakam, nali silks at T nagar, chennai silks at T nagar, etc... or better just take a walk at pondy bazar and north-south usman road at T nagar.

Gangotri (chatpata chat) opposite Stela Maris college at Cathederal road, Amethyst (coffe house) at Gopalpuram, Cafe Coffee Day at anna nagar, Aqua restaurant at Park Hotel , for north Indian food u cannot miss  Copper Chimney at Cathederal Road, Sanjha Chulla at Nungambakam, Dhaba Express at Cenotaph Road and Gian Vaishnav Dhaba (very cheap) at Mount Road, for great food (northindian or continental or chinese) just take a walk at Alwarpet there are billions of places to eat and if you are only for southindian food i would recommend Sangeetha at Sardar Patel Road in Adyar.

if you are a book lover then you should visit "Landmark" at spencer plaza and nungambakam and "Odessey" at sardar patel road in adyar. 
the best places to go are Leather bar at park, Bike and Barrel at residency towers, Zara Tapas Bar at cathederal road, Geofrey's (pretty far off place near the new bus stand area), etc etc and obviously my flat..... wakaw......

if you get late in the night and want to eat someplace, then u can go to HI LOOK for bread omlette and juices at sardar patel road near IIT main gate and dont forget Khana Khazana at beseant nagar beach (for the best parathas in town).
and do not forget the number of software companies here.... infosys, TCS, cognizant, wipro, satyam, and what not... TIDEL park is the place to put ur resume if u want a career in software......
well if you want to visit madras the best time is between november and february. weather is nice and the general mood is upbeat. and not to forget there is also Saarang at IIT Madras in last week of january.
so come and fall in love with this city.



Bulbul Gopalani 6:46 PM, August 10, 2006  

girls at chennai have sexy eyes? are u blind? i was in chennai for 2 months... and i did not spot one hot guy or a sexy girl.but yeah it isnt as bad as people make it out to be

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