Tuesday, July 20, 2004

love and hatred

why is it that if some says "I LOVE YOU !!!" to someone; the other person would always think "NO HE DOESNT LOVE ME, SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON SOMEWHERE. WHY DOES HE LOVE ME? WHAT IS HIS REAL MOTIVE? " and if someone says "I HATE YOU" the other person would not take a second, to take it for granted that "HE HATE ME THATS SURE !!!"

has it become so difficult for us to love each other??

few days back i was sitting with a friend and having lunch in my office, and i smiled at a girl. my friend had to say "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO SMILE AT HER? WHY SUCH A BIG GRIN?" my reply should have been, "GO AND FUCK YOURSELF" but instead i smiled back at my friend. this made my friend cool down (i guess). i was happy, my friend was happy and the other girl was also happy.

happiness is rare these days. does money bring you happiness?? they say "paisa bhagwan nahi hai, par bhagwan se kam bhi nahi hai"(money is not god , but its not less than god also). i guess its bullshit.

i didnt have any problem ever in my life about money. thanx to my dad and mom, and today i live in one of the best places in the city, wear the best clothes, work in a good company, earn enough, spend lavishly, have good friends(infact great friends) but i m still not happy. there is something which i want to do but i dont know what.

anyways i would always be searching for answers.....


Fizah 10:31 PM, April 15, 2005  

Hi there well let me introduce myself..My name is fizah..
Well i got ur site from altavista...i type love is hatred on the search button and i saw ur blog..
Hahaha well i got nothing better to do i guess..
Looks liked u do have a good life but only when ir come to love life???Well its kinda empty..if i not mistaken...
I do not know ur age well it doesnt matter to me its how u lived ur life..
I from Singapore
I am mixed indonesia n punjabi...
I do know how to speak hindi a bit...
Pyaar hei nafarat to me...
Saach pyaar?
Hol nahi sakhta
Well the reason?
I trying to get out from something personal in my life..its hard to kick it!
I hope u care to be my online friends..
I mean no harm.
so anything mail me alrite

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