Saturday, October 24, 2009

Norway in June & December

UK being away from the equator faces quick changes in the seasons. Like there is a change in 2 minutes of sun light everyday. When the season changes from winter to summer there is a drastic shift of sun setting at 4PM to 10PM.

Now this was new for me and I wanted to see what is the difference between sunlight light time period in Norway. They call Norway "the land of mid night sun", but it can also be called "the land of noon darkness" (or something like that)

These are two videos of North of Norway.

In the month of June 2008, you can see that there is so less darkness. Hence the name "land of mid night sun"

And in the month of December 2008, we can see that the sunlight is out there for hardly 2 or 3 hours. Interesting isn't it?

I never felt this sudden "total sunlight time period" issue staying in India, but then that was India.

I also love the way the trees change from "no leaves in winter" to "new leaves in spring" to "green leaves in summer" to "red leaves in autumn" and back to no leaves in winter.

In India we generally have ever green trees & forests, pretty different here. :-)


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