Thursday, October 08, 2009

Lalit Modi is typical Gujju

His best friend is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, not in real sense but just the Gandhi photo on the 1000 rupees note.

I can now live in peace!!!
See see even Gandhi's smiling & smiling "Yes he loves me & he will let me live for ever". Lalit Modi the IPL CEO and BCCI top notch executive will do anything for money and will even make the Indian Cricket players play on the moon if that pays him & BCCI.
The main moto of a sports governing body is promote sports in youngsters, help the sports people when in need (or injury), bring up new talent from the corners of the country & help build glory to the country.
Lalit Modi is now organizing a 20-20 champions tournament & "ONLY THE BEST" are playing in it.
Oh really?
  • Sir I have a question : What about the champions of World 20-20 cup, the country called Pakistan? They also won the ICL tournament, didn't they? The IPL -1 champion team had Kamran Akmal & Sohail Tanvir, why were they not allowed to play in IPL -2?
  • Question 2: Sir Afridi is part of Deccan Chargers why isn't he playing?
  • Modi barks back louder : "YOU WANT INDIA TO WIN OR PAKISTAN TO WIN?"
Lalit Modi doesn't care about cricket, for him IPL is a profit making company and it should give him profit. He doesn't give a shit if any youngster comes from IPL to the Indian team or not. He just doesn't care !!! All he cares about is his 8 franchisers and how can I make more from them.

SRK "This guy to my right is an inspiration to the world & to all who don't care about anything & find out a way to make money"
Modi "please SRK you are embarrassing me, I am just a humble servant of BCCI"
I remember there was one young guy Manish Pandey who made a century in IPL -2 and since then hasn't done anything to come to the Indian team level.
IPL doesn't help domestic cricket, it is just spoiling the cricket scene in India. Half the players are injured when India plays an ICC tournament. India hasn't done great at the test level in the world until recently; now that our team has been doing well lets not kill the best 11 by forcing too much cricket on them.
Sehwag was injured for the ICC ODI Championship and now he is fit to play for Delhi Dare Devils. What if he get injured in Champions Trophy tournament and can't play against Australia?
Does Modi care about that? I am sure he doesn't. Infact even BCCI doesn't care, its now become a company & they want to make profit year on year. I don't know what great work are they doing after making so much money. The stadiums in India are bad and don't have good toilets or good seats. There are no good coaches at district level.
Modi stop being a typical Gujju and please give back to the people what you have got from them.
And I am totally against 20-20 cricket as a launch pad for cricketers to come to the national scene.


Anonymous,  12:43 PM, October 21, 2009  

Thakur...Kaise ho ?

PS: If you are a friend, I will not need to use a swear word.

Anonymous,  12:45 PM, October 21, 2009  

Gujjus are great. They are the best. You are a racist if you hate gujjus. Granted we are fascits and Narendra Modi is hitler.

PS: Lalit modi is my hero.
PPS: Long time no call sweetheart. Call me. India calls cheaper in the UK=> India direction

t 10:25 AM, December 02, 2009  

@anon 2:

//PPS: Long time no call sweetheart. Call me.
Like, you know, who are you?

//India calls cheaper in the UK=> India direction
Hahaha looks like you are a gujju yourself :P

Bubblegum.... 1:05 PM, January 09, 2012  

I hate Lalit Modi but dont generalize Gujaratis. Being in Gujarat we know better what Narendra Modi did.I Appricate his efforts. FYIP. I AM NOT A NaMo Fan. Generalizing is bad. If I am gujju doest that mean I am also like what you think about Gujjus?We can stop the statism. Right?

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