Monday, June 15, 2009

New Look

Well it was time I changed the look of my weblog, the old one was getting boring now and wollah here I am.

Wanted a picture of me playing hockey and hence this "HOCKEY SLAP HIT" picture up there. I also wanted a links thing on top of the weblog rather than everything on the right side, so changed that too.
Actully I didnt know how to do all the changes, so I consulted meri pyari biwi and the expert that she is, said "I will do everything for you but but but, you won't question me, 'why this?' 'why that?' OK? You will take the colors I put on your site, no questions asked, OK? You will not say, 'hmmm this looks fine', you have to say 'This looks the best!!!', only then I will touch the HTML code for new look, OK?"
Actually it does look good and I was smart that I didnt ask her too many questions and left all to her. This thing looks great. :-)
Thankssssssssssss Dulingggggggggggg !!! And she got a present for this. Well she now owns a brand new car. Congrats on your new car, latest model Austin. ;-)


t 4:42 PM, June 16, 2009  

Please, continue being smart and don't ask question. I'm ALWAYS right! *nose high up in air*

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