Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Leh Trip Day 1

We went to Ladakh for a week and it was marvelous.

Me and Trupti at the Madras airport

We met this cute kid at the airport and he didnt stop showing his tongue at everyone. Looks really cool.

We reached Delhi airpot at around 11.30 PM and our flight to Leh was at 5.20 AM. We spent the night at the airport and slept at the empty benches. Its like they say "Maine poori Raat railway station pe bitayee hai"

Our aircraft leaving the plains finally. Next stop LEH that is Last End Of Himalayas. Most of us dont know that LEH is the abbreviation of Last End Of Himalayas

First view of the snow capped mountains from the aircraft. Couldnt resist myself for taking this video. There was one foreigner and he wasn't able to see the mountains. Me being a good Indian host offered my window seat for few mins. Made brownie points in front of my biwi. "Wow what a helpful man"
We landed around 6.30 and it was around 10 deg C. It was very cold and dry. It was very beautiful.

Aah see who we saw at the airport. Trupti even took his autograph. And me as a man wasn't even bothered. But I couldn't resist myself, I went to him and said "Nawab Saab, Langda Tyagi was great" and gave him a thumps up. He said "Thanks" with a look of "fuck off!!" And Trupti said "yes yes no one else said anything to him in the last 2 years and he was just waiting to listen to your great comments" :-D ha ha ha ha ha ha
Everything was arranged for us by Collonel Nair and we had two of the army men were at the airport, to take us to the army camp at Karoo. Some 40 Kms from Leh.

We lived in the make shift camp and was all tin roof and wood.

Tanks !!!! Holy shit we were really in an army camp !!! Scary !!!

View of the mountains around the camp from our room. We were asked to take rest all day so that we can acclimatize to the low oxygen. We were living at 11,000 ft above sea level and by evening we started having chest pain and head ache.

Second Photo. Killing time yaar.

To kill the time we took photos of the furniture around the room. The wood work was fantastic.

Very well maintained. Didn't look like just "some guest house". Even the decorations were having Ladakh as the focal point.

Beautiful dining table. Killing time you see.

And me all dressed, covered with jacket and all, just sitting in the room and having some dry fruits. Few things we should remember when we land at Leh:
  • Dont drink for first 4 weeks.
  • Dont smoke for first 1 week.
  • Relax for 2 days. Sleep as much as you can. If you dont have time sleep for one full day.
  • Eat well. Helps keep your body temp on the higher side.
  • Drink tons of water. Oxygen and water content is very less in the atmosphere.
  • Your cell phone will not work. Only J&K sim cards work in J&K. Only BSNL and Airtel connections available.
Next post, about our trip to Hemis Gonpa, Thiksey Gonpa, Shey Palace, Shanti Stoopa and the Indus river. All these places are in and around Leh. the army guys didn't allow us to travel much on the second day also. But believe me we were dead tired even if we walked 10 steps.


shobz,  7:04 PM, July 27, 2007  

wow!! a frd of mine was assisting for the movie in Leh ladakh recently which had bobby, preity and maybe saif too :P showing off! hey btw, arent u like not supposed to take pics of army shacks?? n tankers!! cos when i went to sikkim we were told our films wud be confiscated immediately... anyway ;) good fun!!

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