Monday, July 09, 2007


Well I went on a trip to my in laws at Hubli in Karnataka. Small but nice place. My in laws had just one aim in mind, "Feed this fellow!!! Don't leave him!!! Feed him till he starts weeping!!!"

Me, biwi and mom in law went out to eat. See we are eating again.

Went to meet mom in law's sister and guess what?? They made me eat and just kept feeding me. "Why doesnt he eat? Are you sick? Why dont you have some rice? Why dont you eat some more sweets? You should have milk. In our time I used to drink 2 liters of milk at one go." They just wanted to kill me. Its conspiracy. Because I took away your daughter from you doesnt mean the Kulkarni clan has to kill me.

Trupti's cousin sister, Pooja, was cool. She is doing her medicine and we used her stethoscope to listen to the heart beat. Bloody I have a very small heart couldn't even hear it beating.

We also took a trip from Hubli to Dharwad. The drive was nice and yes they do have cows in Karnataka. Sorry I was taking photo of the lake and the bloody cow spoiled the photo. :-)

Well we went to Dharwad and guess what. Eat and talk to the grand dad of the family !!! I met Trupti's grand father and he asked me "So what do you do? so how much you earn?" Cool Young Man!! He was some 90 years old and talked fluent English. Later biwi told me he served the Brits. Hmmm. Traitor !!!

Well we met some 30 brahmins chanting shlokas, everyone was singing his own tune. There was a small pre-marriage ceremony of Trupti's cousin and everyone and I promise every single person didnt talk a laguage which I knew. It was fun. Some kid running here and there, and as soon as I said "Hello How are you?" The kid replied in Kannada and ran away. And later another kid, mummble jumble in Kannada and ran away. Trupti just kept laughing at me. Yes right laugh at me. Dont help me.

And its marriage time. Why are people not drinking??? If it is marriage time we sardars start filling our liquor drums, two weeks before the marriage date and two weeks after the marriage date. Different culture. Shut up surd!!! :-)

Nice photo of both the sisters together. Really liked the photo. But I wish Trupti had some cousin brother of my age. We could go out for a drink or so.

I looked at the old albums of Kulkarnis and all I could see is some temple some worship, again a new temple and a new kind of worship. Prayers and hello to god all the time. My in laws really keep Vishnuji and Brahmaji, busy all the time, I say. ;-)

Moms get very senti when kids are going back. :-( Ok ok . No senti fundas but best thing before you reach your in laws place is wear this board around your neck "LOOSE MOTIONS"

But yeah if mom in law wont feed the son in law then whom?? :-)



Anonymous,  7:51 AM, July 10, 2007  

son in law = sinner in law

always thinking of drinking :P hehehehe


awestriker 6:51 AM, July 12, 2007 not sure...but its my opinion...ur missing a lot staying here.....cme on...get a change...

shobz,  8:16 PM, July 14, 2007  

hi surd :) wassup? waat lag gaya kya? u need to take her whole family to punjab n feed them :D no one can beat tht!

How do we know 12:18 PM, July 18, 2007  

ha ha ha.. that is a role i have never played - the obedient, cross cultural son in law! Mubarak ho!

And the difference between Sikh photu albums and the Kulkarni photu albums is soo right!

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