Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Smart Ass Virdi, Not Quite !!!!

I have my lunch at Sangeeta everyday and today's lunch would be something I will remember all my life.

I generally go with a guy Srinath, he is not in same group but yes talk just sports, hence good friend.

I took an extra papad today and it costs some Rs 1.50. So Sangeeta people gave that bill and I had to pay that at the billing counter. I didnt have change and went to the payment counter with 10 rupees. Suddenly 5 rupees came from no where and I thought it is Srinath who payed that, saying "why give 10 da, I have 5 rs change da".

And then with that Rupees 5.00, the guy sitting on the other side of the counter gave some 2 paans. Suddenly I turned back and saw that the guy who gave 5 rupees was not Srinath, it was someone else. Some arbit guy. Some guy I didnt even have any clue he existed on earth but he had the same shirt same height. Super embbrassmentttttttttttt. Super Popat. Super Kela. Super KLPD.

He was paying for himself and and I thought it was Srinath who gave that Rs 5, as my drea nice friend (thats what I thought) he saw that I didnt have change. Me smart ass me didnt even bother to see who it was and gave my bill along with that 5 rupees. I nearly took the money from his hand but to decrease the embrassment I just kept the money on the the bill. After that guy had kept that 5 rupees besides the bill.

My face turned red when the guy said , "Your bill is different than my money" Some shit he said. I wasnt able to hear what he was saying. But he would have said for sure, "Bloody smart ass Northie trying to fool a poor South Indian" Sorry South Indians you all look the same to me, whit same skin color and same mush style. Wait Srinath doesnt have a mush. Ya whatever!!! Right now my dimag is Kharab.

Man too much embrassment are there and then I paid 10 bucks and ran away. Srinath was standing outside sangeeta and said "what took you so long??" Me , "Later Srinath. Right now you just drive."

Ok here is another super tool from Google Talk. Go Enjoy!!!



Shuuro 9:05 PM, April 10, 2007  

Cheering up my mood on others embarrassment, feeling bit guilty!.

virdi 5:40 AM, April 11, 2007  

Shuuro>> Why are you feeling guilty??? Anyways if you are really guilty you can pay my bill next time!!! Hope that makes your guilt go away... hehehehehe...

chatterbox,  6:12 AM, April 11, 2007  

Hey look at that gtalk screenschot on your post! Wo "javascript:void(0)" tera peecha nahi chhodti!! lol

virdi 6:19 AM, April 11, 2007  

Chatterbox>> "javascript:void(0)" Worsht only!!!

Yeh Javascript problem doesnt allow posting through IE but I am using Firefox to do the posting thing... Through Firefox it is fine... :-)

Dhakki Tikki Dhakki Tikki Dhakki Tikki Dhakki Tikki

Anonymous,  7:09 AM, April 13, 2007  

hahahahhaha super popat!!! i mean soooper papad!! :P MTV enjaaai :D you became channel v's bakra :D


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