Monday, April 09, 2007

Back on Turf

There was a match organised by the passing out IIT hockey team. We all played on Saturday morning and had great fun. IIT present team VS IIT passing out + IIT alumni. It was fun. Lot of junta had come down from B'lore to play the match.

Check out the photos here.

Posing before the start of the game

Me and Mani Sir

Teams Together



My superrrrrr Biwi also showed her skills on the field

More than the match it was great to be back on field after a long gap. :-)

On saturday me and my biwi went to watch "The Namesake". Either the movie was bad or I didnt understand anything of that movie. Infact I didnt understand what Jhumpa Laheri wanted to say through the novel.

There is some guy who has name Gogol. He doesnt like his name. He changes it to Nikhil. His father passes away and then he knows why his father gave the name Gogol and so he changes it back to Gogol. Ok dude whats yopur problem? Name doesnt matter. If names really matter then Atal THE BIHARI Vajpaeee would never had been the PM of India.

Anyways there are some things I really didnt understand.
  • Why did Gogol (or whatever his name) break up with his Gori girlfriend? She was putting so much effort to be part of his family.
  • Why did he marry some bengali chick after meeting her just once? She really looked like aunty in the movie.
  • Why did Mira Nair show that in their 90 days of visit to India, they saw just Taj Mahal? Did she run out of cash or ideas? Just asking. May be she was running of of time.
  • Why did Ashima go back to Calcutta and start her Robindro Sangeet? She could have done thousands of other things.
  • Why was Gogol cool abt his wife having an affair? He even told his mom , "I feel as if I am free"
Well I really didnt understand the movie. Thats it.



awestriker a.k.a iKirty 7:18 AM, April 09, 2007  

It doesn't look you have played....put a picture with more better designs on your sparkling, Rin-white Tishirt..
one thing is sure that the thrill involved in having a reunion and playing an outdoor game cannot be described in words...
sweet memories :)

Anonymous,  1:38 PM, April 09, 2007  

Read the book for all your answers about namesake
Its really good. I am In US and can realise why it touched so many people here.

virdi 3:44 PM, April 09, 2007  

Kirti>>> hehehehe... abe rin ki chamkaar sabse ziada... and yeah it was fun although not much junta turned up... it was fun never the less...

Anon>> I dont want to read the book after watching that movie... yeah all the desis will be able to relate to the stupid movie because they are all confused... they dont know what to do with their life... and wether to come back to India or go to Somalia...

but I give you all a great reason to come back to India... Your President is George Bush... hehehehe...

Rays Of Sun 5:17 AM, April 10, 2007  

Dude, that movie was one of its padhke ja..most of your questions will be answered..

Gogol, was torn between his Indian upbringing and american thinking. That movie depicts the complexity every single Indian child raised abroad experiences. The subtelty and the complexities.

Ashima went back to Calcutta so as to live the life she always wanted to.For once for herself. A woman always sacrifices her choices for her family and her career takes a backseat. But, sometime or the other one should pursue what one wants passionately.

Gogol was cool about his wife having an affair is parlty due to his American way of thinking. Where people divorce much more often than they fall in love.
And the reason he felt he was free, was because he no longer was living with a female who thought she was married to him only because he was a Bong and not coz she loved him. It is better to get out of a marriage instead of staying in a bad marriage where one person has cheated!

This was not prove that the movie is good, but looking at it in a different perspective!

Rays Of Sun 5:21 AM, April 10, 2007  

And just because we live abroad does not mean we are confused.

And dont think people in India have a simplified thought process. They are also torn between westernization and being Indian. Consider the case of 16 yr old girls in the posh locales of Lokhandwala who smoke cigarettes only to 'look cool' where there are many so called 'ABCD's who can recite Sanskrit sholkas even after being bought up in US.

So please be a little less biased Virdi..A country should never be blamed for not fault of hers

virdi 6:07 AM, April 10, 2007  

ROS>> Book was class... Ok Ok... I never said anything about the book yaar... I wasn't able to understand the movie... Thats what I said... Infact it was horrible...

Thats what I also said... complexicity and confusion and blah blah blah all the desis go through in US and Europe... ABCD they become... they dont know wether they are from India or from West...

So u say Where people divorce much more often than they fall in love Bhai aisa desh aapko mubarak ho mujhe nahi... To hell with US...

You say It is better to get out of a marriage instead of staying in a bad marriage where one person has cheated! , well I say , "If the marriage is not working it would be better that the husband and wife talk and then try to solve the issues... Running away from issues is very easy... solving them and trying to look to a brighter future together is much difficult... And the "AMERICANS AND WESTERNERS" always choose the easier path...

16 year old girls smoking in Lokhandwala... So??? Thats western??? If you say smoking at an early age is stupidity... That is stupidity... It means westerners are stupid... And that also includes ABCDs...

What biased??? I am free to say anything I want to say... hehehehehe...

Did I irritate you??? Arre chill re... Movie mujhe ekdum samajh mein nahi aayi... Cant relate to an alien topic yaar !!!!

Anonymous,  1:47 PM, April 10, 2007  

Go and see the world - you would never regret it -- Gogols Dad

Dont base your views on something you have abslutely no idea about

virdi 5:39 AM, April 11, 2007  

Anon>>> Come pay for my trip... You will never regret it !!!

I have idea about a lot of things... Half my family stays in US the other half stays in UK... Half my family guys have married the white americans and some of them have even married twice... So if you still insiste me to travel around the globe, I would suggest you send me some freaking money... SMART ASS REPLY I SAY !!!!

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