Friday, May 20, 2005

Friend's Mail

I came in early morning and just hi hello to friends through e-mail and one of my friends, Butun Mohapatra gave me his schedule for the day. He is stud and had got some 9.89 CGPA in his MBA. Awesome guy with great analytical skills and is very witty. He works for GECIS in Bangalore. This is his mail:

1. Arrived at office at 8:30
2. Went for breakfast and came back at 9:30
3. Switched on the laptop - it takes 15 mins to get started ;-))
4. Will go thru all the mails ..which makes sense (The mails that u guys send) and some junk (which clients send)
5. Have to reply all the junk mails as they are paying me to do so..
6. Most of the mails will require me to present the same data in a different manner or explaining them for the nth time what is the definition of what is presented in the report / ppt /or submission.
7.If still they don't understand I have to arrange for a conference call later today and explain in great length and pain abt what they are doing / reading / thinking / etc..
8. And thus depending on when the guys understand, I will leave for home.. 5:30/6:30/7:50/9:20/10:20/11:20 ... If it is later than that then probably I have found one more flaw in the Data warehouse and Discussing with IT guys how to fix it..
Yet another day will be gone without any value addition / learning / productive contribution ...
Then I will go back home and curse myself for doing what I am doing..

He deserves more in life. Cheer up Butun Tag hoga sab kuch hoga, dont worry.


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