Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sameer Manroy

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This is Sameer, one of my best pals from Nangal, Punjab. Met him this February again after a looooooong time and it was great to see him. Great singer and good Table Tennis player. With good I don't mean that he is better than me, he is OK OK, I also beat him once or twice.
Ok about his guy; he was in Electronics and Communication in BBSEC and was great company, no boozing when he came to college and now, wow, he drinks like fish.
I also went to his place twice and it was great fun there. He lives in a very very cool place called Nangal and its a small town with lots and lots of trees and a dam. We both also went to trecking kind of thing and saw the Bhakhra Nangal dam. Believe me it was scary at that place. Looking down 100 meters is like PHEW!!! (I went there sometime in 2000)
Used to hang in his room a lot because he always had Shivdev Brar as his great pal, Shivdev got married recently to some girl and was called Babaji PYAR SE. Shivdev was one if the best people I ever met in BBSEC.
Sameer was some 4 th or 5th in Symbiosys entrance exam and did his MBA in marketing I guess, very very good scholar and knows what he wants to do and all that. There is difference between knowing your path and walking the path,(from Matrix whatever) I need to know my path as of yet. Sameer wanted to go to FMCG and now works for Nerolac Paints in Jalandhar. Area Sales Manager like that something. Oye Sameer aish kar puttar. All the best.
Oh by the way his girly is in Austin, US and I might land up there soon. ;-)
Jai Raam Ji Ki....


ritzkini 1:23 PM, March 07, 2005  

surd...girly is spelt "G-I-R-L-I-E" and not as u have !!
more importantly "WHat fa duck !! when did u start using such words !!!!"
guess it's the company u r keeping nowadays !

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