Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Friends

I posted a message on the IIT madras friends mailing group and this is what happened. Wanted to share this with everyone. It was genereally to pull Kelkar's leg.
My Mail :
Cops rescue couple from irate mob
March 08, 2005 14:44 IST
The police had to use force to disperse an irate crowd from attacking a couple at Kidwai Road in Malegaon of Maharashtra's Nasik district on Monday night. The people objected to the couple talking as they belonged to different religious communities. According to the police, the crowd attacked the couple and took them to a place of worship. A local cable channel crew was also beaten while trying to shoot the incident. The situation in Malegaon is said to be under control, sources added.
Kini is some one in this group also from Nasik?? we had a different picture of the Metropolitan city of Nasik...... so if a hindu talks to a muslim you beat up people?? wow..... what a country i live in.......
Michael's Reply :
what makes u so sure its ppl of these 2 ethnicities only?
maybe it was a dalit being converted to catholic... thru pre-marital sex!!:)
My Reply:
i want to be a dalit and i want to turn into a catholic.......... and want to turn into a catholic every hour if they offer sex.......
Kini's Reply:
"Hey nasik is cool man ! Nasik this..nasik that...guys adn girls chill in nasik man ! The pubs there were my fav. Pick-up points...guy and girl on bike with girl in mini or less was normal da...kya baat kar rah hai !"
Now HE is silent !!
Michael's Reply :
ok so we're getting somewhere? Could it be that the staunch Hindu fundamentalists dont like Muslims cause they have more than one wife, n they dont like christianity cause the youth indulge in ahem shall we say frolicking sort of activities early on in their young adulthood?
So, then the prob could be solved....
My Reply:
well whatever........ i want to be a dalit and want to convert into a catholic if they offer sex......... bloody fools surdars dont even know how to motivate people to convert back to pure sikhs with turban and beard...... just say: "FREE SEX to the sikh who grows back his beard and wears turban"
Kelkar's Reply:
Not silent working
To clarify your doubts
1. Nashik does not have a pub or a disc.
2. Malegaon is a village near nasik
3. It will be very very rare to find a girl in mini in nasik unless she is lost in the kumbh mela
4. Nashik is a small town and will be for some more years
5. For that matter you would find the malegaon attitude in any village across the country
6. Yeah, you can sit behind a girl on a vandi and its ok in most of Maharashtra.
7. you can talk to girls and it wont be the case of talwarein chalengi like in Punjab
Kini fights back because the font in which Kelkar wrote sucked bigtime:
the font from nashik too ??seems like it..it's "sad" too..
ok...kill me..kill me NOW !!
Kelkar and his stupid blah blah blah:
Adding to that list malegaon is like bhiwandi. Very volatile. Majority is Islamic. And other thing is the diff religious communities haven’t been identified
K : do you even know where bhiwandi is?
K: Idiot, the font is Arial
Ronnie comes in:
Hey Kel...font used - "courier new"....not Arial...
K-man...how jobless do you have to be.....no TV-aa? Our floor is practically empty...cafeteria is packed!
Kini cools down:
holiday maama...in orange...tv switched off !! shift ka funda hai na..call center...nahi toh junta will say "__" to u..ihave to watch the match when customer calls up !
Kelkar brings in a little racism, but no offenses to anyone:
Today is shivratri and I have to take the shiv sena stand yaar.Down with outsiders. Kick all of them out of Mumbai (especially Kini... send him back to bangalore). Jay Balasaheb thakre
Kini's reply:
can he do that ? can he really do that ?? seriously...mumbai walon..mumbai tum hi ko mbaarak..only u can live with those one-inch away from kisses from well-dressed gentlemen experience in the locals on a daily basis !!please speak to him na ..even i will say jai maharashtra..jai balasaheb !!
Kelkar Replies:
Wooah . I did not know you were so desperate to get to banglore, from your description I guess partho would like Mumbai. One fine day he was training dipu about how to paw (sic...) a female in crowded MTC bus.
Kini's Reply:
and i gave u that info cos Dipu told me !!!during our summers toegether..."udi baba !!mein toh daaang reh gayaaa re !! kolkaaata waalaa aur aise..cheee cheee...chee..."
The fun continues everyday in office and its great to have friends who are pretty jobless in ofice all day.
Jai Raam Ji Ki.....


ritzkini 7:49 AM, March 10, 2005  


virdi 8:19 AM, March 10, 2005  

hmmm... whatever... but it was fun... and i have posted it... you cant stop me...

Dhiraj Jain 10:55 AM, June 10, 2005  

Hey malegaon is not a village. Its a city. No dought its a small. But it is a city.

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