Monday, March 30, 2015

So whats next?

So we now know that a country that used to be the land of opportunities and used to welcome people from all across the globe has just taken a u-turn and gone back to the dark ages. 

In the state of Indiana its now a law where a business can decide to not serve anyone based on their sexual orientation.

I also see that in future these laws are possible:
  1. Indiana law allows business to not serve people who wear white shirts
  2. Indiana law allows business to not serve people who have a different skin tone
  3. Indiana law allows business to not serve people who do not wear turbans
  4. Indiana law allows business to not serve people who happen to not have an smartphone
The question is how do such laws come into affect? My answer is - it all comes down to 1 mad person and the amount of money he/she controls.

Think of this as a story: 
  1. There is this guy who happens to be a vegan. 
  2. He owns about 17 steel plants and other manufacturing units across the globe; happens to be a multi-billionaire 
  3. He also happens to be friends with few politicians and invites them to his house for lunch 
  4. Over a vegan lunch he explains the politicians why its important that everyone should have vegan food or else it will be difficult for him to fund the party's state and national elections campaign 
  5. He also recommends that the laws must be changed - the non-vegans must not be allowed to open their lunches at the universities & other public places; or else election funding, etc 
  6. The politicians get scared and introduce a law - which is pro vegan because the smell of bacon or roasted chicken hurts the sentiments of the vegan people
So whats next? 
  1. A rich man who happens to wear only black shirts calls the same politician!


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