Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who represents India?

Well this is a curious thought... There is so much protest going on in India at this moment that we read and listen more about Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev than the President Patibha, PM, Sonia, Amma, Didi, Sachin Tendulkar, SRK, Dhoni, etc...
  • Anna Hazare has transformed vilages in India and when he fasted for uprooting corruption and bringing Lokpal Bill to the table; around 5000 people joined him (mostly from the Delhi region). Anna's also got a huge support from the so called intellectual class of India - writers, civil servants, painters, etc and all the Bollywood, Tamilwood, Bengaliwood, film-stars joined him on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Baba Ramdev has brought yoga back to the people of India. When Baba Ramdev did his fast around 65000 people joined him - mostly from the B, C, D graded towns of India. Ramdev's got support of the common man. There were no filmstars or politicians or intellectuals. There were common people who wanted his voice to be heard by the government and action to be taken against the corrupt.
Who does India represent? "5000 people + the film stars + intellect society" or the 65000 poor peasants who came all across India?
Both Hazare and Ramdev are fighting for the same cause - "development of a new vaccine - anti corruption" but the sharp divide between the classes who represent them is evident.
When Anna Hazare fasts - it is telecast live on the TV and with police protection.
When Baba fasts - police reached the Ram Lila ground at 1:00 in the night to force feed him or arrest him. The reason, "He asked permission for Yoga and not for fasting!" I feel like laughing out loud at this reason. When Ramdev said live on TV, "65000 Indian citizens will fast at the Ram Leela ground in protest of the corrupt govenrment and in order to bring back the black money" does this sound like "I will teach Yoga to 65000 people"?
When Ramdev speaks, he speaks the language of the common man and when Anna Hazare speaks he represents the intelectual class.
Who does India represent? The posh intelectual class or the working class? Or this is just all just a circus?


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