Saturday, June 12, 2010

BP, Oil, America & Other blah issues

BP's been spilling out oil since past few weeks and we have a village festival all across the shores of Mexican Gulf. According to data on Wikipedia there have been bigger oil related accidents in history.

Why is it that this oil spill has been made as if we have the third world war has broken out and we have all the multinational companies on one side and the rest of the world on the other side?

What I think this disaster is different than one of the other recent disasters (say in last 20 — 30 years) is that those disasters were not close to the American Borders; America wasn't directly profiting directly through it?

Also I feel that the media today hypes up everything. News is made and sold these days. Create a controversy, run behind it for days, then when the person retaliates you say "how dare he!" that's where you bring in all the cameras and journalists. Who killed Lady Diana? Accident?

I also think that the Environmental groups have too many rights and they act as if the environment is run by them. GreenPeace might say this tomorrow, “This is how much the earth's temperature must be”, “This is the amount of CO2”, “There must be these many number of trees” and “the oceans must have these many gallons of water and this many kilos of fish”. The Green people decide everything. Not the sun or moon. It was the coldest winter in Britain, blame China, North Korea, Iran & yes now add BP to that list.

Why is OPEC telling the world how much oil must be pumped out of earth every day? I say pump out as much oil as you can, when the oil gets over we will have new source of energy to run our cars and bikes. They said that “the world’s electricity will get over if coal gets over”, we found Hydro & Nuclear power to generate electricity. Why ration oil? That has made the world thirsty for more oil. Every news and war is now fought over, “I want more oil”. The sooner we get over with all the oil in the world the better!

Coming back to the BP & media issue. Today, we have so much information in our hands that it is very easy to make you feel bad; so feel bad o humans.

Accidents happen. Don't beat your chest about it. Don't blame the British Government & American Government for it. First things first the American Government should

1. Ask BP to stop the oil
2. Save the shores.
3. US Government should support BP in all ways to stop the oil flow
4. Once the oil flow has been stopped
a. Tell them to compensate the fishermen
b. Tell them to follow rules. If needed make new ones for companies which have broken the rules before.
What about the people who died? Will the insurance company pay them? Or does BP have obligation towards them? What about people who were injured? What about people who were just shocked? They might have nightmares every day for next 10 years. They might never want to work on an oil rig, what about their jobs? Do you still tell them, "no work, no pay"?

These are more difficult questions to be answered than just shout slogans against BP.

BP might just say "with every project there is an insurance company involved don't blame me. I want to pump oil, for any compensation go talk to the insurance people", but instead it is now trying to stop oil flow and avert a disaster. I think this kind of accident never happened before and BP is learning a lot of things by going through this.

Does standing with banners outside every BP petrol station help the cause of the worker on the oil rig? That won't help the moral of the poor guy who works 12 hour shifts at the petrol station.

Just fed up with how countries and organisations fight with each other. The world has now become like a school playground and every kid loves fighting with the other.


Anonymous,  9:42 PM, September 09, 2010  

Not quite sure what this post is seem to be ranting against the publicity, green groups but yet it is all very confused. What is the point that you are trying to make?

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