Saturday, June 21, 2008

Europeans the reason for all the mess in the World?

One of my brother's friend's friend came down from Finland and then she was quite irritated the way we Indians are when compared to the Europeans. She had few points like:
  1. Why do we Indians always think "Me first"?
  2. Why do we Indians never follow the traffic?
  3. Why do we Indians never follow the rules?
  4. Indian cities are in mess???
  5. Why do Indians always want to become hero? Where as we could easily become a good team player?
  6. Why are we so much money mined and self centered?
I really think Westerners don't understand what we Indians are and then try to curse away and not understand our view point. I really think we Indians are not exactly they way she thinks we are...

Every Indian is very tolerant... Indians have allowed raiders, burglars, and thieves etc to come to our country and then allowed them to become the Kings and Queens of this country...

Just to brush up the history why we are like this...

India was ruled by Mughals who came from Iran… We didn’t invite them but when they came we asked them to stay and make this their home… After that Aurangzeb wanted to convert every Indian who was either a Buddhist or Hindu into a Muslim with force… We didn’t trust the Mughals anymore and then came the British…

They stayed here for 400 years… They tricked and cheated us for 400 years… They forced us to pay taxes for the Rice and Wheat we grew on our fields... They forced us to grow Indigo on our fields even if the field doesn't grow any crop in future... They forced us to become slaves in our country... British took away our money and resources and then broke the country into India and Pakistan… In terms of development they made the railways… other than that???

Now it’s in our blood that we have to fight and go ahead of the other… We don’t trust anyone… Got the reason why we are like this? Someone gave the observation… I suggested the reason… For 1000 years keep someone a slave, when you give him independence how can you expect him to be a matured and sophisticated adult? Give us time we will improve and become better…

Now let’s talk about Politics

This country has 85 % Hindus… When Manmohan Singh (a Sikh) became the prime minister the oath was given by President Abul Kalam (who is a Muslim) and a Sikh became prime Minister because a Christian, Sonia Gandhi, didn’t want to become a Prime Minister… I say again that India is a country with 85% of Population Hindus… Where else can this happen? We are tolerant just stop cheating us…

Every Indian was given voting rights as soon as we got Independence... The Americans didn't allow the Women to vote till early 1920s and the Black Man could not vote till 1965... You call that progress?

When the world compares India with US and Europe it means we are getting at par with them… US gained Independence in 1778 and now its 2008… So it took them around 230 years to achieve what they have become… USA has had its own problems and they have slowly and steadily solved it… The world has given India 60 years and we have done enough to prove ourselves…

Also let us talk about what great achievements the Europeans & Americans have done…

  1. Remember slavery?? Who stared it? Europeans… not Indians… so how can the Europeans say that they are nice people and Indians are bad in culture?
  2. Remember the number of Jews killed in 2nd world war? It happened to be Europe and not Asia…
  3. Remember 2003 Iraq invasion?
  4. Remember 2001 Afghanistan Invasion?
  5. Remember taking over Australian continent 2 centuries ago from the Natives and asking the natives to work as laborers?
  6. Remember when Robert Mogabe of Zimbabwe asked the Europeans to leave Zimbabwe, how much the United Nations cried? You didn’t teach Mogabe how to love others? You took the family and the farms away from the Black man, what do you expect from him? “Apple Pie with added mixed fruit jam on it” !!!!

India is the only nuclear power to have never Invaded any Nation !!! We have the third largest army whose sole purpose is to protect our borders and not invade others borders...

How many countries has India invaded? How many countries have the Europeans invaded? I guess more than 150… Every 2nd day we see BBC and find out that a small country in Africa is celebrating its 20th Independence Day or 30th Independence Day from Britain or Portugal or Spain or France or blah blah blah blah… I think the Europeans should stop talking about being nice and polite because we as Indians understand “WHEN THE KETTLE IS CALLING THE POT BLACK”

Also if Indians in every team & in every company want to become hero, then what’s the harm? Who remembers a team player? But everyone remembers a hero… It’s in our blood now… We can’t just be normal team players… It started with a man with 1 meter of white cloth on his body threw away the mighty British empire without firing a bullet… His name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi…

Let me list down the achievements of Indians...
  1. The world’s biggest steel manufacturer is an Indian… Laxmi Mittal…
  2. Hotmail was started by an India… Sabeer Bhatia…
  3. Bose, the world’s best speakers manufacturer, was started by an India...
  4. If people remember the movie SIXTH SENSE, it was made and directed by an India… Manoj Knight Shyamalan…
  5. The ex CEO of Vodafone (the world's biggest cell phone service provider) was an Indian... Arun Sarin... Studied in IIT KGP...
  6. Sun Microsystem was started by a group of friends and an Indian was one of them... Vinod Khosla... Alumnus of IIT Delhi...
  7. Around 60 % of the software companies in Silicon Valley in California were started by Indian… if they were just team players we would not have these companies…
  8. India has never had dictatorship in the 60 years of its independence… How many countries have achieved this? Look at our neighbors for a change…
You left us in mess and we are trying to come out and yes we haven’t being doing bad either… These are just few points what I wanted to share as a start…

If any European wants to know the achievements of Indians then I can send emails for the next 5 years…. 1 name and one story every morning for next 5 years… With a good morning message… How is the idea?

We have had our share of problems… We are trying to solve them… We have become best in 1 sector already; SOFTWARE....

The world has started looking at us as competitors and have started saying “YOU ARE TAKING AWAY OUR JOBS”… Relax boss, its anyways inevitable… Indians and Chinese are one third of the world population… By sheer percentages every third worker in the world must be an Indian or Chinese… Isn’t it?


Girl With Big Eyes 3:06 PM, June 23, 2008  

Neat points.

You might also wanna tell your friend, she or her well-behaved Europeans would behave if one billion of them is suddenly crammed in one country with limited resources and just basic infrastructure!

How would they behave if they had to travel like we do in of Mumbai's metro in peak hours? :)

Whattteverrrr ! 5:18 AM, June 24, 2008  

i am a regular at your blog...and only one thing to ROCK!!!
we need a lot of such patriotism to turn india into golden Eagle(not bird this time)...

virdi 5:13 PM, June 24, 2008  

How would they behave if they had to travel like we do in of Mumbai's metro in peak hours? :)
The Europeans have much less patience than us... Although we might look rude and intolerant, we stand in Queue in a hospital for hours to meet the doctors, we don't crib about the rush in Bombay Local trains...
They have done better in many spheres in their country and good luck to them... But we aren't much behind...
Look at the Indian railways, the travel from Bangalore to Madras in Shatabdi is amazing... :-) Laloo ji ki jai ho...

we need a lot of such patriotism to turn India into golden Eagle(not bird this time)...
India cannot be a bird again... Its a sleeping giant... its just trying to wake up... well more than me being patriotic about India, I am very passionate about what Indians and India has achieved...
I don't find it great fun when someone says "India is doing good..." I just feel like talking more about India, will full enthu... :-)

How do we know 10:38 AM, June 26, 2008  

Virdi boss, all the points you make are valid. Also the point made by girl with~ - me agrees totally.

But what you are saying is, "If i have virtue X, its ok for me to have Vice Y." The 2 are not connected. Virtue X does not mean we cannot get rid of Vice Y. it is a fact that people in INdia break rules with impunity and our being good software developers should not prevent us from being law abiding.

That Europeans have less patience than us should not stop us from being more patient and displaying less road rage.

It is also not their fault that 1 billion and counting ppl are crammed into this land. It is squarely our own fault and if you ask me, one that needs to be corrected. Our No. 1 export is people!

virdi 10:56 AM, June 26, 2008  

People in India break rules with impunity and our being good software developers should not prevent us from being law abiding
I hope things will change soon... as i said "The world has given India 60 years and we have done enough to prove ourselves…"
We are planning and trying to become better... and hopefully when people sleep with stomach full meal, every Indian will be a much much more patient and nice guy... :-)

Ravi 8:19 PM, June 30, 2008  

Virdiiii.... mmmmuaah!!! just too good man. Some of your views are what I have always been putting forth amongst my friend. I wish I could pass this in BOLD to every person in India and abroad! Hats off Virdi for such a strong post.

Pallavi 5:09 PM, July 12, 2008  

What a wonderful post Virdee! I completely agree with you and keep up the passion for our India.

Anil 6:08 PM, July 20, 2008  

Saale kuttey, great post like usual... but here's food for thought: We have done well in 60 years, but that shouldn't make us complacent - all the problems that the European friend mentioned are true, and we shouldn't get defensive about them just because a foreigner pointed them out - your explanation is fantastic, but we should not forget (at least in our minds) that a lot is fucked up about our country and thinking "It's okay yaar, that's how it happens in India" won't help one bit :-)

Now how do we get our bloody friends to stop using the city like one big fucking garbage bin, and how do we get proper trash collection systems installed.... :-)

Anonymous,  11:49 PM, August 10, 2008  

You make some very good points about "Europeans". However India has much more problems than european countries. Their are so many starving,jobless, and poor people it is disgusting that it is being ignored by politicians. Caste system is also a big problem. You say that indians let invaders come in, but yet they(hindus) don't even let lower castes into same temple,community,etc!! In other words they treat "outsiders" with more compassion. It is actually worse than slavery. When India gets out of 3rd world status and fixes up problem with caste system, that is when I will be called an indian again.

Swathy 5:17 AM, September 03, 2008  

A pat on our backs!!
Hum kabhi bhi kisi se kum nahi..
Sorry,I dint even bother writing a hi!
Hi virdi..This is the first time I am reading your blog..:)
have read a bit about you in "bhai" s blog!!
And speaking of us-Indians, I was so proud of us just once again when the Indian taxi drivers brought together the entire taxi drivers all over melbourne to fight for thier safety as 1 taxi driver s assault came into light.
within a few hours, the government had to bend and enforce new laws and I had tears of joy in my eys as the news reader said these words" the Indians gave us a lesson abour democracy & integrity today by following a non-violent protest for around 24 hours to ensure they and the others get thier rights"
Within a week, the pensioners of this country followed our way to bring thier probelms across..
As I said earlier, A pat on our backs!Just once again!!

vinod 1:48 AM, September 15, 2008  

Hi All !!!

The hair on ma Body already stood up with emotion and patriotism by reading all the above posts..

In Dia = in light... where Dia = light...heheh: so we are already in light,Any way...We have to be proud that we dont steal other cultures, and Have a "SORRY DAY"

We Dont carry Drugs into other countries ( This is speacially focussed with aussie racists)

And we dont Eat our National Birds or Animals ( As Aussies eat Kangaroos), We never Boast of our country as "The Great India" (As in "The Great Britan")

U get Thongs with Aussie flags on them , but can never find a Chappal with indian flag on them..

Good on u guys !!!

Anonymous,  2:38 AM, September 15, 2008  

Man, you should just calm down and relax.

Giving M. Night Shayamalan as an example of Indias acheivments is not helping your cause. He made one half way decent film, and then what?

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