Monday, October 01, 2007

Respect !!!

Well firstly congrats to the hockey, cricket, teams and also to Pankaj Advani and Vishy Anand, but let the hockey players have some sense. What they were doing few days back was utterly stupid and uncalled for. Hunger Strike????? I think thats bullshit.
Is it for money?? I dont think so, the players earn enough from the . Its for respect?? I think the hockey team is decent and its not great. Its decent and it is getting decent recognition. Winning the Asia Cup was great but lets not start comparing the Asia Cup win and 20-20 world cup victory.
There haven't been great achievements of either hockey or cricket and then the hockey players should get inspired with the achievement of the cricket players. Also all the hockey players earn enough from the leagues they play in Spain, Great Britain, Germany and Netherlands. Not to forget the richest Hockey league in the world is in India.
Hockey across the globe doesn't have any money. Its not a glamor sport like football, tennis or cricket. So the hockey players should just move on and concentrate on the next assignment. They have to still qualify for the Olympics.
The Australian Hockey league has a sponsor for $AUS 50K for last 4 years. They didn't complain they just played hockey. Won the Olympics gold and the silver in world cup. Most of the players in the Australian Hockey team are carpenters , butchers, bus drivers, work in hotels, etc, they play hockey because they just love the sport. The Indian team plays only for money?? they have got a lot of love from the fans when the won the tournament in Chennai few days back. I think whats missing is the recognition from every state government. The hockey team should at least qualify for the semi finals in Bejing Olympics next year and then say "We demand respect??" and surely they will get respect.
Didnt the Indian government give love and respect to Raghavendra Singh rathore when he came back with silver medal from Athens Olympics? Lets hope for the best and lets hope that the hockey team comes back with great medals in future olympics and world cups and champion's trophy.


Gurdeepak 8:02 PM, October 06, 2007  

yea, the hockey team has only started to mature...

give them their space and time!

Abhishek Upadhyay 11:55 AM, October 11, 2007  

Its long way to go for Hockey to have fan following like that of Cricket.

But wasnt Hockey as famous as cricket is now during the days of Dhyanchand?

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