Saturday, August 04, 2007

Day 3 - Ladakh - Pegang Tso Lake

Phew finally sometime to write abt the trip again. Its been hectic at office and home. :-)

We had to go to visit Pegang Tso lake around 150 Kms from Leh towards the Indo China Border. This lake is one of the few salt water lakes in the world. And they say It was formed when the Himalays were formed and its the Tethys sea. We had to cross some 17800 ft above sea level and go to a place 30 Kms from Indo China Border. Check out the road.

Finally Ice on the way to the lake.

When we reached Changla Top it was freezing and it had just observed snow fall some 10 minutes back.
About to reach Changla Top.

At Changla Top it was all snow and rocks. Its around 50 kms from Leh and at around 17800 ft above sea level. Leh is at 11500 ft above sea level.

20 feet of snow.

Yak !!

We reached Pegang Tso and it was breezy like it is at any beach in India and the breeze was bloooooody cold. You can find some 10 different shades of blue and green and purple in the water.

We got the boat ride as we came with the army. Thanks Col Nair. :-)

Check the change in color. I really dont know why this happens. Some say its because of the depth of water, some say its because of the suns rays, some say both. Hmmm. Pata nahi.

Me, Trupti and Hav. Rahul Upadhyay. It is very important that you have a cap with you.

Everypoe moving except Trupti., She froze. hahahahaha..

Check the video and Trupti didnt even move her hands. She just froze. He He He He He!!!

See again. Freeze !!! Dont Move !!! Statue !!!

She didnt move. We changed the camera angle !!!

Check out the sky. I haven't seen such blue sky ever in my life.

Check the color change in just few meters from the end of the water.

The sand tells us that once this place was sea. You can find sand around 30 Kms before you reach the lake.
EME workshop while coming back to Leh. We met Major Virendra, who is in charge and he told us stories of playing cricket on the frozen lake. :-)

Jhaskar Valley. From top. Beautiful.

Points to remember
  • Its very very important to carry a cap. Or else very heavy headache.
  • Warm Clothes
  • Goggles. High UV.
  • Lip Balm.
  • Dont dont dont run or go out of the car as soon as you see the lake. Relax. Then walk slow. there is a huge difference of oxygen at 11500 and 18700 ft.
  • Dont worry if you vomit. Its normal. Drink tons of water.
Its been spectacular trip. :-)


In awe!,  5:02 PM, August 11, 2007  

the lake is spectacular!! :)
I've put one of the pics as my desktop wallpaper :D

Anonymous,  12:09 PM, December 19, 2007  

you are wrong , drinking lot of water while moving is worst....u feel very low, while travelling one should drink very less water.

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